Minutes of special Faculty Senate meeting

Friday, 29 September 2006, Brauer Room, Administration Building

Senators present: Adamitis, Breese, Filetti, Grau, Whiting, Zhang, Sellars, Duskin, Hasbrouck
Senators absent: Schwarze, Knipp, Marshall, Hicks, Vachris, Guajardo

The meeting was called to order by Whiting at 3:45 PM.

The three resolutions supporting CNU's nominations (to SCHEV) for Outstanding Faculty Award [available: http://facultysenate.cnu.edu/06_07/resolutions/1.doc (for Tracey Schwarze), http://facultysenate.cnu.edu/06_07/resolutions/2.doc (for Gary Green), and http://facultysenate.cnu.edu/06_07/resolutions/3.doc (for Lisa Spiller)] were moved by Breese, seconded by Zhang, and unanimously approved.

The meeting adjourned at 4:15 PM.

submitted by Gary Whiting

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