Minutes for Faculty Senate meeting
3 PM Friday, April 25, 2008
Board Room, David Student Union

Senators present:  Eric Duskin, Niazur Rahim, Leland Jordan, Bob Hasbrouck, Rebecca Wheeler, Jean Filetti, Lynn Lambert, Kathleen Brunke, Gary Whiting, Ming Zhang, Nicole Guajardo, Pete Carlson, Nate French (arrives at 3:15), Kip Redick (arrives at 3:38), Tim Marshall (arrives at 3:58).
Senators absent: none
  1. President Whiting called the meeting to order at 3:08.
  2. Introduction of guests: Ed Brash, Veronique Frucot, Joan McMahon, Xiaoqun Xu, Ron Mollick, Lori Underwood, all 2008-2009 senators.
  3. Approval of minutes of Faculty Senate meetings
    1. acknowledge electronic approval of minutes for March 28, 2008 meeting
  4. President's Report and 3-3 Projections Summary and 3-3 F2013 Report 
  5. Committee reports
    1. Faculty Mentor Committee (Jordan):  Mentor Implementation Plan. This is a plan that will provide faculty mentors for all junior faculty that want them. The SEC will determine a timeline. Vote in Favor: unanimous.
    2. Faculty Evaluation System (Hasbrouck): The FES Evaluation System was presented at the chairs council meeting on Thursday, April 10th at 11AM. Scott Pollard and Senator Hasbrouck explained the charge of the committee and presented an annual evaluation template that covers scholarship and service.

      Approximately nine chairs attended the meeting which was presided by Edward Weiss. The feedback was positive and the forms were handed out to all who attended. Most of the discussion centered around the difficulty of assessment of teaching, which was well beyond the scope of the presentation. However, the synopsis of the chairs was that this template would provide help for those willing to invest time into using it.

    3. Election Results (Lambert): Committee Results and 2008-2009 senators
  6. Old business
    1. 3-3 Load Resolution: Wheeler/Hasbrouck move that we bring resolutions A, B and C to the floor: All in favor: unanimous.

      Discussion: In general, senators were in favor of a 3-3 load. There was some concern, however, about   changing evaluation criteria and about how the switch will be funded (e.g., increased class size, more adjuncts. Neither of these are predicted to increase in the Provost's Office spreadsheet, presented in the President's report, above) Others responded that those concerns are important, but can be worked out if the 3-3 load is endorsed. To address these concerns, an amendment which recommends faculty involvement in implementing all stages in which the faculty senate was proposed. Action: Duskin/Lambert move to approve the amendment that includes faculty involvement Vote for amendment: in favor: unanimous.

      A second amendment was suggested to add a "whereas" which explained that, while the faculty senate supports the 3-3 load, there are some concerns (as stated above). Action: Lambert/Filetti move to approve the additional whereas. Vote in Favor: unanimous. At this point, the senate was ready to vote on the amended resolution. Action: Vote on Resolution A, supporting the switch to a 3-3 load: unanimous.

      There was no further discussion on the other two resolutions. Vote on Resolution B, recommending that the faculty senate develop an evaluation plan that will handle the switch to 3-3 for some faculty: unanimous. Vote on Resolution C, recommending that tenured and probationary faculty be able to choose a 3-3 load by 2013: unanimous.

    2. 1 year trial of parallel model for order of faculty evaluation Resolution: Guajardo/Hasbrouck move to discuss. Discussion: Senators liked the calendar shortening, but some felt that the  FRC would have less power. Others that it would imbue the FRC with more power as they would evaluate all candidates rather than just responding to the dean. President Whiting shared this email that Provost Padilla sent regarding how the provost would view the different stages. Action: Vote in favor of implementing a one year trial model with the dean and FRC evaluating candidates in parallel and having more feedback for the candidate and DRC :  Duskin,  Jordan, Hasbrouck, Wheeler, Filetti,  Brunke,  Guajardo, Carlson, French, Redick. Vote Against: Marshall, Rahim. Abstain: Zhang, Lambert. Motion passes.
  7. New business
    1. Tuition : Filetti/Duskin move to consider this resolution. The president has asked the faculty to support a tuition increase due to increased costs, decreasing support from the state and the recent 5% permanent cut from the budget. Action: Vote in favor: Hasbrouck, Wheeler, Filetti,  Guajardo, Carlson, French,  Marshall, Rahim,  Zhang, Lambert. Against: .Redick, Brunke, Jordan. Abstain: Duskin. Motion Passes.
  8. Other
    1. ATAC Classroom Management Recommendation and Spreadsheet.

      Discussion: Senator French, member of ATAC, explained that WebCT will no longer be supported. ATAC has made a recommendation that CNU's learning management system (LMS) should be Blackboard instead of Moodle since Blackboard will ultimately be cheaper. Despite the fact that Moodle is free and Blackboard is not, the university will have to hire an extra programmer to implement an LMS in Moodle; no extra programmers will be required to implement Blackboard. The senators' main concern was not which system should be used, but how and when faculty will be trained on this system. Senators also asked when the switch will take place. The new system will be implemented starting Fall 2008. This summer, faculty can still use WebCT.

      Action: Vote in favor of supporting ATAC's recommendation: Hasbrouck, Wheeler, Filetti,  Guajardo, Carlson, French,  Marshall, Rahim, Lambert, Redick, Brunke, Jordan, Duskin. Abstain: Zhang. Motion Passes.

    2. Resolution on New Buildings. Vote in favor: unanimous.
    3. Two other issues were raised briefly:
      1. Apparently, the softball team is going to miss half of finals week due to being invited to the NCAA tournament. Senators felt that this was a noteworthy accomplishment, and worthy of rescheduling their finals in order to attend.
      2. President Whiting was asked to investigate whether the HERI survey results have reached the provost's office, and, if so, what they said. President Whiting said he would check on this.
Meeting adjourned at 6:11. Submitted by Lynn Lambert, Faculty Senate Secretary