Agenda for Faculty Senate meeting
3 PM Friday, April 25, 2008
Board Room, David Student Union

  1. Call to Order
  2. Introduction of guests
  3. Approval of minutes of Faculty Senate meetings
    1. acknowledge electronic approval of minutes for March 28, 2008 meeting
  4. President's report 3-3 Projections  Summary and 3-3 F2013 Report
  5. Committee reports
    1. Mentor Structure Committee (Jordan) Mentor Implementation Plan
    2. Faculty Evaluation System (Hasbrouck)
    3. Election Results (Lambert): Committee Results and 2008-2009 senators
  6. Old business
    1.  3-3 load Resolution
    2. 1 year trial of parallel model for order of faculty evaluation Resolution
  7. New business
    1. Tuition Resolution
  8. Other
    1. ATAC Classroom Management Recommendation and Spreadsheet
    2. Resolution on New Buildings

Note: At the conclusion of this meeting the 07-08 Senate officers will run the first meeting of the 08-09 Senate. The sole agenda item of this latter meeting will be the election of the five members of the Executive Committee, including president, vice-president, and secretary. The nominations are: President: Rebecca Wheeler (ENGL). Vice-President: Nicole Guajardo (PYSC). Secretary: Lynn Lambert (PCSE). At-Large: Eric Duskin (HIST). At-Large: Lori Underwood (PHIL).