Faculty Senate Minutes
3 PM Friday, February 22, 2008
Board Room, David Student Union

Senators present: Rebecca Wheeler, Jean Filetti,  Kip Redick, Lynn Lambert, Gary Whiting, Ming Zhang, Nicole Guajardo, Pete Carlson, Eric Duskin, Niazur Rahim, Bob Hasbrouck,  Kathleen Brunke,  Nate French (leaves at 5:15 and returns at 6:08), Tim Marshall (arrives at 3:55).
Senators absent: Leland Jordan

  1. President Whiting called the meeting to order at 3:08.
  2. Introduction of guests:  Dr. Robert Colvin and Dr. Tracey Schwarze,  Development Committee for Service and Civic Engagement, co-chairs; Brandi Buisset, Secretary of University Affairs; Derek Morse, Deanana Trail, Matthew Schubert, Elizabeth Bredenkamp, LDSP220 class.
  3. Approval of minutes of Faculty Senate meetings
    1. acknowledge electronic approval of minutes for January 25, 2008 meeting
  4. Presentation by guests: Dr. Robert Colvin and Dr. Tracey Schwarze, Overview, DCSCE Interim Report, DCSCE Membership.
  5. Dr. Colvin presented an update on the Development Committee for Service and Civic Engagement (DCSCE). The task force has 70 members and 6 subcommittees: one subcommittee for each of the major components of the project (Day of Service, the Phoenix Project, Curricular Integration, Research and International Partnership), and one subcommittee that is collecting data on current student service on campus and developing an assessment plan for the overall success of the program.

  6. President's report
    1. Sponsored Program Director position has been filled by Valerie Cheeseman.  Valerie is coming from Southern Utah University where she has been the Director of Sponsored Research and Grants office since 2004.  Previously, she was a director of Grant & Foundation Relations of Saint Francis University (PA); a marketing and business developer and Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations at UNC-Pembroke (plus a few other corporate positions during the late 80's and throughout the 90's. She will begin on April 1.
    2. McMurran Building update: As many can observe, the demolition is about complete. Site preparation is planned for the next two months. By April, construction of the building will begin.   Fall 09 is the target date for opening.
    3. McMurran Building assignments: It will be home to seven (7) departments (110 offices), CLAS Dean suite, and MAT program.  All the faculty departments and groups have been consulted on their placement in the building and are content with their assignments.  There is some room for growth (ca. 10% growth).
    4. CNU's Freshman Comparison: SCHEV data. President's office (Maribeth Trun) has provided data on CNU metrics as compared to other VA universities.  CNU fall freshman SAT (average 1169) class was 5th in the state just below Univ. Mary Washington (1191).    CNU is 3rd in the state behind UVA and W&M in selectivity as measured by acceptance rate (51.9%).    We are 7th in the state in retention rate of our Freshman 2006 class at 81.65%, just below VCU at 82.5%.
    5. State Budget Proposals: Good news at this time -- the House and Senate budget proposals do not have an across the board cut of 2% as proposed by the governor.   The 5% cut this past year will remain as our new base.  Senate has proposed no caps on tuition raises but expect boards to be responsible in levels.  House did not approve any cuts -- and therefore do not expect tuition to rise.  They want to make a deal in offering 670K tuition incentive during the second year of the biennial if tuition is kept at no more than 5% over the second year.   A 5% rise in tuition would be about $600K. For the past year's 5% cut carried out over the next few years, it equates to about $1.36M/yr loss. A 12% raise in tuition would offset this.

      For salaries, House has recommended a 2% raise for all state employees  (includes faculty) effective Nov. 2008. The Senate has 0 for 2008 and 2.5% for Nov. 2009

      Capital funding (Science building) -- the Senate has full funding in the budget starting when the governor signs.  The House has the full funding spread-out over the two years with an additional amount for planning the Luter building (Wingfield replacement).

      Conference committee started this past Wed. and will most likely report out around Mar. 6-7.
    6. UCC replacement: The University Curriculum Committee (UCC)  has a need to replace a faculty member (S&T) who has resigned from the committee.  SEC has approved another S&T faculty member (David Heddle) who has volunteered to serve out the remainder of the year.

    7. Trible Library room reservations: The Seminar rooms or other meetings rooms can be reserved on a first come - first served - basis.   Policy at this time  - current scheduled classes cannot demand space for the duration of the semester.  However, a professor could reserve space for special class meetings.
    8. Library copy policy.: The number of free copies was raised to 200/semester.  The Administration will examine how cost and service can be balanced and come to a decision for next year's allocation. 
    9. Parking Advisory/Appeals Committee (PAAC) : faculty volunteers will be Roberto A. Flores of Computer Science and Chris Kennedy of Math.

    10. Faculty Development Reports: Faculty Senate recognizes the submission of final reports from Carolyn Ericson, Michael Myer and Dmitri Shaltayev.
  7. Committee reports
    1. Faculty Evaluation System: Bob Hasbrouck. The initial plan of developing a matrix that would be used by the peer group, the dean, and the provost has been abandoned. Instead, President Whiting   re-charged  the committee to develop a template for use at the department level that would reflect many of the attributes of the Arreola system.  The templates currently being used in English are the scholarship matrix, the service template, and the faculty evaluation matrix.
  8. Old business
    1. PBK (Guajardo): The Phi Beta Kappa committee has developed a draft application to Phi Beta Kappa.
    2. Honors report (Whiting): President Whiting sent to the provost a summary of senators' reactions to the Honor report.
    3. Order of Dean/FRC (Guajardo)

      Discussion: In January, the senate tabled the provost's plan to reverse the order of evaluation in the faculty review process for the Faculty Review Committee (FRC) and the dean. President Whiting and Vice President Guajardo presented 5 different plans from 14 similar institutions at January's meeting. Guajardo discussed using plan B from these plans. There was not sufficient agreement on investigating just this model, but senators were interested in investigating other successful models.

      Action: Guajardo/Wheeler move to establish Administrative Order of Faculty Evaluation Committee to investigate proposed models of faculty evaluation at other institutions and get CNU faculty response. Examine how these models work at other universities, and the strengths/weaknesses of various models. Membership will be Senator Redick, President Whiting and Brian Bradie. vote in favor: unanimous. Motion passes.

  9. New business
    1. Emeritus Status for Professors Healy, Caton, Jordan, Cones. Marshall/Carlson move to approve Dr. Healy's status: Vote in favor: unanimous. Motion passes. Lambert/Zhang move to approve Dr. Caton's emeritus status. Vote in favor: unanimous. Motion passes. After realizing that Dr. Jordan does not qualify for emeritus status under the University Handbook,  Hasbrouck/Rahim move to recognize and express appreciation for Dr. Jordan's contribution and years of service to Christopher Newport University. Vote in favor: unanimous. After consulting with the Provost office on the Emeritus section of the Handbook, the Senate will reconsider Dr. Leland Jordan's emeritus proposal during our March meeting. Motion Passes.  Brunke/Duskin move to approve Dr. Cones' emeritus status. Vote in favor: unanimous.
    2. Senate and Committee Elections.  Committee and Faculty Senate Elections for the 2008-2009 academic year must be completed before March 31. Senators Carlson and Duskin will run the Science and Technology division elections. Senators Lambert and Guajardo will run the Liberal Arts division elections. Senators Wheeler and Hasbrouck will run the Social Science and Professional Studies division elections. And Senators Redick and Marshall will run Luter college elections.
    3. At this point, President Whiting delayed considering the Handbook changes, and considered the remaining items in New Business before moving back to discuss handbook changes.

    4. Handbook Changes. This item was considered after all other items in New Business.

      Change1 (Final Exam Scheduling), Change 2 (Format Change), Change 3 (Faculty Senate Suggested Changes), Change 4 (Corrections from CLAS Dean's Office), Change 5 (Change Division Names), Change 6 (Prestigious Scholarship Committee Membership Change), Change 7 (Provost's Office Changes), Change 8 (Add Parking Committee), Change 9 (Update Teaching Load Language for 4-3 and Articulation agreement with community colleges), Change 10, Change 11, Change 12 (Provost's office: New kinds of faculty position: Term appointment), Change 13 (Honor System changes), Change 14 (Student conduct issues), Change 15 (New Committee: safety and security)

      Filetti/Guajardo move to go to the committee of the whole at 5:50 to discuss handbook changes.

      Detailed Discussion: Several small changes were discussed and agreed on. Changes 1, 2, and 3 had no changes. For change 4, "College or school level" should be changed to "College level", and a global change for school should be done to eliminate it since Luter is now a college. For change 5, the new names of the divisions throughout the handbook should be Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Science and Technology, and Luter College of Business and Leadership. This change should be global. The part of change 7 that says it will be superseded by later changes has been. The senate suggested no changes to changes 8, 9, and 10. Change 11 should be clarified from "the chairs, the deans and the Provost" to "their chair, their dean and the Provost (chairs will be evaluated just by the dean and provost)". In addition, line 34 on page 110 should read: "In the spring of the first year, and during the fall or spring of the third and fifth years, probationary faculty meet with the department chair to receive verbal formative assessment and share any concerns." (bold is the change added by the senate). Changes 12 and 13 are discussed below. The permanent F grade for honor code violations is also discussed below, but senators suggested other changes in Change 14 as well. Senators thought some language was internally inconsistent, and unreasonable. Senators therefore requested a few lines that should be modified, and some that should not be added that had been suggested as additions. Those suggested changes are found in green in this new Change 14 version (note that the XF grade, the permanent honor code violation grade, is discussed below, and not included here).

      The senate comes out of the committee at 8:09. Guajardo/Wheeler move to approve all changes except changes 12, 13 and 14. vote: unanimous. Motion passes.

      Discussion for Change 12: The controversy in this change was the addition of a new category of instructor: Term Appointment. Some senators felt that term positions would be superfluous since they are similar to Restricted positions which could be extended to 3 years. Some senators felt that Term positions would allow them to fill short term needs with PhD faculty; others said that there are currently restricted positions that are filled with PhDs, and there is nothing in the handbook language that differentiates these two. In addition, there was concern that a Term position that must be filled with a PhD would allow decisions that would create more Term positions and fewer probationary ones.

      Action for Change 12: Lambert/Brunke move to remove the Handbook language that creates the new Term Appointment category of instructor. Vote In Favor: French, Redick, Carlson, Marshall, Rahim, Lambert, Brunke, Filetti. Vote Against: Wheeler, Zhang, Hasbrouck, Guajardo. Abstain: Duskin. Motion Passes.

      Discussion for Changes 13 and 14: Senators were concerned about having an honor code violation-notated F that would remain on a student's transcript forever. Section X.F. of the University Handbook defines Academic Suspension and Academic Dismissal as including a permanent notation on the student's transcript for an Honor Code violation. Thus, there already is a way to have honor code violations recorded on a transcript for severe transgressions. Several senators felt that that was sufficient.

      Action for Change 13: Guajardo/Filetti move to modify Change 13 to remove the suggested insertion of language that would create a permanent notation on the transcript in a course that was caused from an honor-code violation. Vote in Favor: unanimous. Motion passes.

      Action for Change 14 Lambert/Duskin move to delete the changes in j that add the same Honor Code F that Change 14 adds. Vote in Favor: unanimous. Motion passes.

    5. After these handbook changes, the next item considered was Other because the rest of New Business had been covered before the handbook changes.

    6. Chairs' role in Eval-AR (Wheeler). Senators Wheeler and Guajardo attended a chairs' meeting to discuss how the new evaluation system would affect chairs evaluating probationary faculty. As a result of this meeting, they suggested the following wording for 34b, page 324 of the University Handbook (suggested change is in bold): "34 b) In the spring of the first year, and during the fall or spring of the third and fifth years, probationary faculty meet with the department chair to receive verbal formative assessment and share any concerns." These lines containing this suggested change were part of suggested Handbook changes above, so were included in small modifications for Change 11 under the agenda item VIIIC, handbook changes.
    7. New course proposals: Busn314, BUSN 315(IIS).doc, SPAN 311 (WST).doc, SPAN 353 (WST).doc, SPAN 354 (WST).doc, SOWK 330 (GMP).doc, FNAR380 (CXP).doc, FNAR381 (CXP).doc Senators Filetti and Guajardo will make recommendations for Busn314 and 315. Senators Carlson and Redick will make recommendations for Span311, Span353 and Span354. Senators Rahim and Marshall will make recommendations for Sowk330, Fnar380 and Fnar381.
    8. Development of a University Eval-4.   The Provost office will be organizing a committee to create a university-wide Eval-4.     The Senate is invited to make nominations to serve on this committee.  The Provost office has offered to consult with President Whiting during the assembly of this committee.
  10. Other
    1. UCC program changes:  THEA Program Changes, Marshall/Rahim move to approve. In favor: Wheeler,  Redick, Lambert, Zhang, Guajardo, Carlson, Duskin, Rahim, Hasbrouck,  Brunke,  French,  Marshall. against: Filetti. Motion Passes.   SOCL Drop CSS Concentration, French/Redick move to approve. In Favor: Wheeler, Redick, Lambert, Zhang, Guajardo, Carlson, Duskin, Rahim, Hasbrouck, Brunke, French, Marshall. abstain: Filetti. Motion Passes. SOCL new concentration, Hasbrouck/Zhang move to approve. In favor: Wheeler,  Redick, Zhang, Guajardo, Carlson, Duskin, Rahim, Hasbrouck,  Brunke,  French,  Marshall. Against: Filetti, Abstain: Lambert. Motion Passes.  Orn Hort termination. French/Hasbrouck move to approve. In Favor: Rahim, Zhang, Hasbrouck, French, Marshall. Against: Duskin, Lambert, Brunke, Redick. Abstain: Carlson, Guajardo, Wheeler, Filetti. Motion Passes.
  11. Meeting adjourned at 8:52
Minutes submitted by Lynn Lambert
Faculty Senate Secretary