Minutes for Faculty Senate meeting
3 PM Friday, Nov 2, 2007
Jefferson Room in David Student Union

Senators present: Rebecca Wheeler, Nate French, Jean Filetti, Lynn Lambert, Kathleen Brunke, Gary Whiting, Ming Zhang, Nicole Guajardo, Pete Carlson, Tim Marshall, Eric Duskin, Niazur Rahim, Leland Jordan, Bob Hasbrouck, Kip Redick
Senators absent: none

  1. Call to Order: President Whiting called the meeting to order at 3:07.
  2. Introduction of guests: Mary Sellen, University Librarian
  3. Approval of minutes of Faculty Senate meetings
    1. acknowledge electronic approval of minutes for October 12, 2007 meeting
  4. Presentations by guests: Mary Sellen, University Librarian

    Librarian Sellen presented a report about the new library detailing how the new space will be used.

  5. President's report
    1. Committee appointments:
      1. Senate Faculty Evaluation Committee Bob Hasbrouck (Chair), Tim Marshall, Scott Pollard, Lisa Webb, Ron Von Burg, Bobbye Bartels, Stephanie Bardwell, & Tracey Schwarze
      2. Academic Advising Assessment Task Force (let by Provost Office) On behalf of the Senate, Peter Knipp has volunteered to serve as a faculty representative.
      3. January Term Logistics/implementation task group (led by the Provost Office) Kip Redick will serve on behalf of the Senate.
    2. Director of Sponsored Programs – Search Committee: Tracey Schwarze, Niaz Rahim, Beth Fogarty, Rebecca Wheeler, and Gary Whiting. The job ad has been submitted to Chronicle, Inside Higher Ed, Higheredjobs.com, NCURA, and Society of Research Administrators.
    3. BOV meeting on Friday, Nov. 9. We need substitute Senators to attend Student Affairs (Pres.Whiting will sub) and Development (Senator Lambert will sub).

      Note: After the senate meeting, President Whiting was notified that the Board of Visitors will not need to meet.

    4. Science Building Planning Documents have been submitted, and are on the web at http://provost.cnu.edu/BuildingUpdate.htm. Total project cost is estimated at $79, 372,000.
    5. Search for Director of Counseling Services is ongoing. Maury O’Connell (VP for Student Service), Jerry Roeder (Director of Residence Life), Deanna Carpenter (Psychology), Trici Fredrick (Assistant to the Dean of Students) are on the search committee. President Whiting will be joining during the interview process.
    6. A committee called 'Student Computer Task Group' with representatives from various constituencies on campus has been convened to make an informed recommendation whether or not CNU should have a policy requiring all students to own a computer (a laptop). There has been a written survey provided to all faculty. Faculty Senate has been asked for input on questions such as: (1) Do you think this is a good idea? (2) Would this technology requirement impact your teaching - either through in-class activities or other out-of-class activities that you might assign to increase student success. Senators are asked to get a sense of the faculty and report back to the Senate during the Dec. meeting.
    7. CNU has been ranked # 3 in the country on RateMyProfessor.com for the Top Faculty with the highest combined average ratings. Brigham Young University (#1), Southeastern Louisiana University (#2), College of William and Mary (#9), James Madison University (#11), University of Virginia (#15), and George Mason (#20) are some selected schools on the list.
    8. New Business information: Deborah Poole, Director of Parking and Transportation Services, has asked the Senate to assist in the establishment of a Parking Advisory/Appeals committee (administrative committee). It would handle parking issues and propose policies. It would consist of 2 faculty, 2 staff, and 2 students along with the Director of Parking.
  6. Committee reports
    1. Laptop Committee and Academic Technology Advisory Committee (ATAC), Senator Redick

      Senator Redick addressed issues that the laptop committee is discussing to answer the question: "Should CNU require students to buy laptop computers?"

      Andrew Lundsten, president of SGA, arrives at 4:01.

      Senator Redick discussed the priorities of the ATAC committee for this year.

    2. Senators Redick and Duskin recommend that the senate approve Span397 curriculum proposal as a new course to be taught in the Area of Inquiry Western Traditions.

      Action: All in favor of approving: unanimous

    3. Department Liaison Reports:
      1. Modern & Classical Languages & Literatures (Guajardo): The Department of Modern and Classic Languages and Literatures expressed interest in the Senate exploring policies to assist faculty in classroom management, especially with disruptive students. The Senate is likely to respond to their concerns by developing a fact sheet that will assist faculty in such issues.
      2. Leadership and American Studies (Lambert):

        Because LAMS is moving to the school of business in January 2008, the handbook must be changed to accommodate the change for senate and committee elections. The senate handbook subcommittee will add this to their list of suggested handbook changes.

    4. Faculty Development Grants (Hasbrouck)

      Action: President Whiting suggests that the senate go into closed session to discuss the grant applications. Vote in favor: unanimous.

      President Whiting asks the senate to come out of closed session. Senator Filetti thanks Bob and the committee for all of their hard work and hard decisions. Vote to approve the list of awardees with the amount recommended by the committee: in favor: French, Filetti, Lambert, Brunke, Zhang, Guajardo, Carlson, Marshall, Duskin, Rahim, Jordan, Hasbrouck, Redick
      Opposed: Wheeler. Motion passes

      The grant application of each of the following faculty members was recommended for funding, at least partially:



      Recording Chamber Music for Violin and Piano


      Investigating classroom learning beyond clickers


      Essential Musical Theater Dance Styles


      Development of a Standard Method… of Petroporphyrins


      Video documentary of end-of-life stories


      The Legacy of the Warner Brothers TV Network


      Overcoming Embedded Resistance to Change


      Research and Creating an Academic Learning Course


      Fighting a World War and Shoring up the Empire


      …Effects of Offset Contracts in International Procurement

      The total amount to be awarded is $15,000. Award notifications will be made by the Provost following his review and concurrence.

  7. Old business
    1. Tabled from October: Faculty Centers for Research, Development and Teaching: research best practices. What kind of centers do other institutions have?

      Action: Guajardo/French move to put on the floor. In Favor: Wheeler, French, Lambert, Brunke, Zhang, Guajardo, Rahim, Jordan, Hasbrouck, Redick
      Opposed: Filetti, Duskin. Abstain: Marshall, Carlson

      Discussion Senator Guajardo pointed out that Phi Beta Kappa is interested in what resources are available for faculty, and a committee investigating best practices would give the faculty a chance to see what is being done elsewhere.

      But individual senators had the following concerns about examining best practices for research, development and teaching centers:

      • The functions these centers might serve are being addressed elsewhere.
      • The Director of Sponsored Programs, a position being searched for right now, should be on board to help direct any efforts to establish or research a faculty research center.
      • Starting any of these centers would require money which the university does not have right now.
      • This is a big task that would take a tremendous amount of faculty time. If there were no center(s) established, all of that faculty time would be wasted in another project that went nowhere.

      Action: Given the senators concerns, Wheeler/Brunke move to table this until mid Spring. Vote in favor: Wheeler, French, Filetti, Lambert, Brunke, Zhang, Guajardo, Carlson, Marshall, Duskin, Rahim, Jordan, Hasbrouck, Redick
      Opposed: French. Abstain: Hasbrouck. Matter Tabled
  8. New business
    1. Faculty Mentorship Program: Examine best practices

      Discussion: Discussion included whether to leave the existing but spotty mostly intradepartment faculty mentor program; whether to skip the best practices step, and implement a mentor program which would have one departmental and one non-departmental mentor; who would choose the mentors; and how mentors would be trained. Given the lack of consensus on exactly what kind of faculty mentor program we should recommend, discussion returned to the original plan of examining best practices.

      Action: Nicole/Wheeler move to establish a committee to assess best practices on faculty mentorship in order to implement an effective mentorship program at CNU. In favor: Wheeler, French, Brunke, Guajardo, Marshall, Rahim, Jordan, Hasbrouck, Redick
      Opposed: Filetti, Lambert. Abstain: Duskin, Carlson, Zhang. Motion passes.

      Senator Jordan will be the chair for the senate. The committee is asked to complete its deliberations, and report on its recommendation at the February 2007 senate meeting. Senators are invited to ask their constituents to volunteer.
    2. Curriculum: Busn302 has been recommended by the UCC as a new course to be in the AoI Formal and Informal Reasoning. Here are links to the syllabus, the UCC form and the new course proposal. French, Filetti agree to examine this course, and report by December.
    3. Pass-Fail Option report from Undergraduate Degrees Committee

      Background: At the April 20, 2007 Rick Cheney presented the proposal from the Undergraduate Degrees Committee to revise the pass-fail option. The main revisions include an allowance for juniors (not just seniors) to utilize this option, and an expansion to four courses (from the present limit of two). There was some confusion, so, at the September 7 faculty senate meeting, the senate voted to remand this recommendation back to the University Degrees Committee to clarify the meaning of “non-program”, to consider whether an F should be computed into the GPA when courses that are passed do not (this is the third to the last bullet on the original memo and unchanged from the policy in the current catalog).

      The meaning of "non-program electives" is defined now as "general electives" (that is, Courses which do not satify the Liberal Learning Curriculum (Liberal Learning Foundations, Areas of Inquiry, Liberal Learning Emphasis, and Writing Intensive), and do not satisfy requirements in the major, minor, concentration, or degree studies). The committee further recommended that Fs in pass/fail will count in the GPA.

      Discussion (First Reading): Senators asked whether, in addition to the above changes, there could be a means of notifying the faculty member that the student is taking the course Pass/Fail. President Whiting will find out the details of how a faculty member can be notified (e.g., an email, require a signature to switch).

      President Whiting asked senators to look at this issue, ask constituents, and prepare to vote on the recommendation in December.

    4. Survey faculty on Senate SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)

      Senator Hasbrouck would like to conduct a survey in a marketing class, to find out faculty priorities for the faculty senate. He will bring suggested survey questions to the January 2008 senate meeting. No senate action is required at this time.

    5. Parking Advisory Committee request

      Background As the president's report states, Deborah Poole has asked for the establishment of a new committee, the Parking Advisory/Appeals committee. This committee would handle parking issues and propose policies. It would consist of 2 faculty, 2 staff, and 2 students along with the Director of Parking.

      Action Wheeler/Filetti move that the senate establish such a committee. in favor: Wheeler, French, Filetti, Brunke, Zhang, Guajardo, Carlson, Marshall, Hasbrouck
      Opposed: Rahim, Redick, Jordan, Duskin. Abstain: Lambert. Motion passes.

  9. Other: The ad for the Office of Sponsored Programs Director was discussed. It was suggested that this issue be discussed during the December meeting.
President Whiting adjourned the meeting at 6:14.
submitted by Lynn Lambert, secretary of the Faculty Senate