Agenda for Faculty Senate meeting

3 PM Friday, Oct 12, 2007 Board Room in Student Union

  1. Call to Order
  2. Introduction of guest: Jeff Brown, CNU chief police officer
  3. Approval of minutes of Faculty Senate meetings
    1. acknowledge electronic approval of minutes for September 7, 2007 meeting
  4. Presentations by guests: Jeff Brown chief police officer will discuss his comprehensive safety and security plan
  5. President's report
    1. Followup on chair's compensation report
  6. Committee reports
    1. Committee on University Honor (Eric Duskin)
    2. Board of Visitors September 13, 2007
      1. Student Life
      2. Academic Affairs
      3. Finance
      4. Development
      5. Entire Board
  7. Old Business
    1. Senate Goals Motion to reconsider goals?
  8. New Business
    1. Faculty Evaluation Systems. Examine the effectiveness of the faculty evaluation process for both summative (annual, tenure, promotion) and formative (improvement) assessment.
    2. Consider Faculty Senate Resolutions supporting SCHEV outstanding Faculty Award nominees.
    3. Faculty Centers for Research, Development and Teaching: research best practices.
    4. Curriculum: Span397 proposal for a new course and for a course to be in the AoI Western Traditions. It was approved on both accounts by the UCC. Assign reviewers.
    5. Assign committee to address suggested handbook changes:
      1. FRC rewording from pages 110-111 and page 167 about the FRC charge to evaluate eval-4s.
      2. Academic Advising
      3. Include in the University Handbook senate standing subcommitees: PAC, handbook, sabbatical, faculty development grant, minutes policy
    6. Assign senators to run the following two elections in November: liberal arts and school of business election to replace Michelle Vachris and Graham Schweig on FRC who are on sabbatical.
    7. Examine issue: Limit the number peer groups that one person can serve on as chair and/or as member.
  9. Other