Agenda for Faculty Senate meeting
3 PM Friday, April 17, 2009
Board Room, David Student Union

  1. Call to Order
  2. Introduction of guests: Dr. Roberta Rosenberg, Director, Center for Service Learning and Social Entrepreneurship
  3. Approval of minutes of Faculty Senate meetings
    1. acknowledge electronic approval of minutes for March 20 minutes meeting
  4. Recommendation to retain social work major from Dr. Rosenberg
  5. President's report including combining ULLC100/Engl123
  6. Committee reports
    1. Student and Faculty Survey Results (Carlson)
    2. Election Results (McMahon): Committee Results and 2009-2010 senators
    3. Handbook Change 9-2 (Carlson)
    4. Subcommittee 3 Report (Carlson)
    5. Board of Visitors
      1. Finance (Lambert)
      2. Development (Duskin)
      3. Academic (French)
      4. Student Life (Underwood)
      5. Board Meeting (Wheeler)
  7. Old business
    1. Walking without graduating (Carlson)
    2. Subcommittee 2 Resolution (Mollick)
    3. FIR resolution (Underwood)
    4. Jazz concentration elimination (Brunke, Mollick)
  8. New business
    1. Faculty Development Grants (Brunke)
    2. Appreciation (Underwood)
    3. Social Work Major Elimination (documents available in Provost conference room; senate academic priorities are here)
  9. Other

Note: At the conclusion of this April 08-09 meeting, the first meeting of the 09-10 Faculty Senate will convene. The sole agenda item of this latter meeting will be the election of the Senate Executive Committee. Nominations are:
President: Lori Underwood (Phil), Pete Carlson (Govt)
Vice-President: Pete Carlson (Govt), Eric Duskin (Hist)
Secretary: Jana Adamitis (MCLL)
At Large Positions: Ed Brash (PCSE), Nate French (Comm), Kathleen Brunke (BCES), Eric Duskin (Hist), Drew Velke (Psyc)