CNU Faculty Senate Working Session Agenda
noon-2PM Tuesday 19 August 2008
Washington Room in the David Student Union

  1. Call to Order
  2. Introduction of Guests, Kevin Hughes, Dean of Students; Julie Kittleson, Director of CHECS
  3. Acknowledge electronic approval of minutes for April 25 meeting of the Faculty Senate
  4. President's report
  5. Committee reports
      1. 4/29/08 and 6/19/08 Board of Visitor Meetings
        1. Bob Hasbrouck report from 4/29/08 Development: The total gifts are down from last year $1.8 from $2.5 mil.  However, the Pledges and commitments are up $4.2 from $.9 mil.  Total gifts and pledges are up $6.1 from $3.4.
      2. ΦΒΚ Report (Guajardo)
    1. Old Business
      1. Faculty Mentor Implementation
    2. New business
      1. Academic Integrity Policy (Kevin Hughes, Julie Kittleson)
      2. Faculty Senate Goals 2008-2009
      3. Standing Senate Subcommittees
        1. PAC (Priority Advisory Committee): 5 senators, 1 from each area and 1 at large
        2. Handbook: 2 senators
        3. Sabbatical Committee: 4 members, 1 from each area
        4. Faculty Development Grant Committee, 1 from each area
        5. Department Liaisons for Fine Arts and Art History, Leadership and American Studies, Mathematics, Military Science, Modern and Classical Languages, Music, Social Work, Sociology and Anthropology, Theater and Dance
        6. Add liaison to chair meetings?
        7. Curriculum Committee (not in handbook):
          1.  Proposed: 4 senator appointments, 1 from each area?
          2. Curriculum Proposals: MUSC 361, GOVT 100, Termination of  Critical Thinking Concentration, Indic Studies Concentration, Values and Professions Concentration
      4. Outstanding Faculty Award Resolutions: Nate French, Graham Schweig, Michaela Myer, Quentin Kidd
    3. Other