CNU Faculty Senate Working Session Minutes
noon-2PM Tuesday 19 August 2008
Washington Room in the David Student Union

Senators present: Filletti, Brash, Mollick, Carlson, Duskin, McMahon, Brunke, Guajardo, French, Underwood, Xu, Rahim, Frucot, Wheeler
Senator absent: Lambert
  1. The meeting was called to order at 12:00 noon.
  2. Introduction of Guests, Kevin Hughes, Dean of Students; Julie Kittleson, Director of CHECS (Center for Honor Enrichment & Community Standards)
  3. Acknowledge electronic approval of minutes for April 25 meeting of the Faculty Senate
President Wheeler asked that the first item under New Business (VII.A), Academic Integrity, be considered out of order to accommodate the guests. vote in favor: unanimous. The discussion of VII.A is included under that agenda item.

  1. President's report

    President Wheeler also wants to remind faculty that sabbatical applications are due to the dean on November 1, and that the faculty development grant calendar has been announced. It is:
    Sept 8 T  Chair
    Sept 19 Fri, Dean
    Oct 3 Fri, Senate
    Nov 14 Fri, Senate vote

President Wheeler asked that the first item under Old Business (VI.A), Faculty Mentorship Implementation, be considered at this point. Vote in favor: unanimous. The discussion of VI.A is included under that agenda item.

  1. Committee reports
      1. 4/29/08 and 6/19/08 Board of Visitor Meetings
        1. 4/29/08 Development (Hasbrouck): The total gifts have declined since last year, from $2.5 million to $1.8 million.  However, the pledges and commitments are up (from $.9 million to $4.2 million). Total gifts and pledges are up (from $3.4 million to $6.1 million).
        2. 6/19/08 Development (Duskin): President wants Development to focus on raising money from Alumni. Goal is to triple the amount received from Alumni this year. Use idea of class contacts (representatives from each class calling classmates); wants to put in place the procedures that Virginia Tech put in place in the 1970ís. Riverside Hospital pledged to fund two pre-med students each year and provide summer jobs at the hospital.
        3. 4/29/08 and 6/19/08 Finance (Lambert): The BOV is concerned about rising costs, but also wants to keep Virginia's families in mind while considering setting tuition given the economy. As a result, they voted on tuition increase that would balance those concerns. Due to the anticipated decrease in dollars coming in, the university also began a hiring pause in June.
        4. 4/29/08 and 6/19/08 Student Affairs (Guajardo): At both meetings Maury OíConnell provided current data on admissions. President Trible reported the most current data at his Presidential Address to the University on 8/18/08. There are 32 Canon Scholars this fall, which is higher than the goal of 25. In April, Dr. Kevin Hughes presented the executive summary on the Committee on University Honor. Paul Camacho, the newly elected SGA President, also provided a report on SGA initiatives. In June, Maury OíConnell provided an update on the CNU Emergency Notification System. The campus alarm was retested. They are developing a system that will send announcements to phones. Messages will be projected over a speaker system automatically. Phones connected to CNU police will be installed in all classrooms. Dr. Kevin Hughes and Dr. Bill Ritchey proposed two resolutions on mental health, one on suicide prevention and one on parental notification.
        5. 6/19/08 Full Board (Wheeler): reported on land acquisitions; clean audit on finances; 10% of new students are students of color (brings percentage of overall student body to 20%)
      2. ΦΒΚ Report (Guajardo) Senator Guajardo provided a report at the CLAS meeting on 8/18/08. The ΦΒΚ Initiative Committee has worked closely with Provost Padilla and Vice Provost Schwarze over the past year to evaluate CNUís current position and likelihood of achieving a chapter in the near future. Based upon the work of these bodies, President Trible has decided CNU will submit an application for a ΦΒΚ chapter in 2012. Universities typically apply more than once before they are awarded a chapter, but if CNU were successful in 2012 then a chapter would begin in 2015. After reviewing CNUís current status and other universities with ΦΒΚ chapters, the ΦΒΚ Initiative Committee, along with Provost Padilla and Vice Provost Schwarze, recommends focusing efforts on increasing/improving: graduation rates, teaching load, faculty resources (particularly in the form of internal grant programs), library holdings and resources, student admissions to graduate school, and the number of faculty members who are ΦΒΚ members.
    1. Old Business
      1. Faculty Mentor Implementation report: The Faculty Mentor Committee reported in March and April, and the senate approved the recommendations in their report. Based on that action, President Wheeler has asked Senator French to send an email to chairs and faculty to find volunteers to mentor the nine newly hired probationary faculty who would like mentors. This mentor program will revitalize a previous mentor program. Senators would like mentors to have training and a general list of duties to help guide them.

        Mentors should volunteer by September 1. Matching will occur by September 15.

    2. New business
      1. Academic Integrity Policy (Kevin Hughes, Julie Kittleson) Dean Hughes and CHECS director Kittleson reported on the policy for professors handling academic honor code violations, and provided an informational flyer. The handbook language on this changed in 2007. If an academic honor code violation occurs, the professors should determine the sanction in their classes (including an F for the assignment or an F for the class), inform the chair of the department, and write a letter to CHECS director Kittleson indicating what happened (there is no form for this). If the professor believes that no further sanctions should take place, the letter to CHECS should indicate that. In that case, CHECS will determine if this action is consistent across the university. If so, then the student will receive deferred suspension only as a university sanction. If not, the university will determine an appropriate sanction. When a faculty member believes that the violation is so egregious that out of class sanctions are indicated, the faculty is encouraged to call the CHECS director for consultation. Senators requested that professors be informed what action has been taken at the university level (in the past, the professor has not been informed). Both the Dean and Director agreed to do that. In addition, in order to ensure that all faculty understand the policy, the Dean and Director said that they would try to attend a chairs' meeting, and individual department meetings as requested by departments.
      2. Faculty Senate Goals 2008-2009. Duskin proposed new language for the senate vision. Frucot/Brunke move to accept. vote in favor: unanimous. Senators discuss and refine goals and strategies. Underwood/Brunke move to accept amended goals. Vote in favor: unanimous. The link above reflects the amended language; the changes are highlighted in this version.
      3. Standing Senate Subcommittee Appointments:
        1. PAC (Priority Advisory Committee): 5 senators, 1 from each area and 1 at large: Guajardo (SS), Frucot (Luter), Mollick (at large), Brash (S&T), French (AH)
        2. Handbook: 2 senators: Carlson, Filetti
        3. Sabbatical Committee: 4 members, 1 from each area: Duskin (SS), Rahim (Luter), Brash (S&T), Underwood (AH)
        4. Faculty Development Grant Committee, 1 from each area:  McMahon (Luter), Brunke (S&T), Xu (SS), French (AH)
        5. Department Liaisons for Fine Arts and Art History (none yet), Leadership and American Studies (French), Mathematics (none yet), Military Science (none yet), Modern and Classical Languages (Guajardo), Music (none yet), Social Work (McMahon), Sociology and Anthropology (none yet), Theater and Dance (none yet)
        6. Senator Filetti has agreed to act as liaison to chair meetings.
        7. Curriculum Proposals. Senators selected will make a recommendation at the September meeting MUSC 361 (Brash and Carlson), GOVT 100 (Duskin and Guajardo), Termination of  Critical Thinking Concentration (Rahim and Xu), Indic Studies Concentration (Duskin and Filetti), Values and Professions Concentration (Wheeler and Xu).
      4. Outstanding Faculty Award Resolutions: Nate French, Graham Schweig, Michaela Myer, Quentin Kidd.
    3. Other
    The meeting was adjourned at 2:00PM.