Minutes for Faculty Senate meeting
3 PM Friday, March 20, 2009
Board Room, David Student Union

Senators present: Wheeler, Carlson, Brunke, Xu, Frucot, Mollick, Underwood, Guajardo, Filetti, Lambert, Brash, Duskin, McMahon (arrives at 3:16), French (leaves at 4:45).
Senators absent: Rahim.

  1. The meeting was called to order at 3:07.
  2. Introduction of Guests, Prof Cheryl Mathews and Dr. Carolyn Ericson (Chair), Community Engagement and Social Work (arrives at 3:00, leaves at 3:47), Dr. Jana Adamitis, Modern and Classical Languages (arrives at 4:30, leaves at 4:45)
  3. Approval of minutes of Faculty Senate meetings
    1. Acknowledge electronic approval of minutes for February 27 meeting
  4. Discussion of Social Work major termination, Prof Cheryl Mathews and Dr. Carolyn Ericson (Chair), Community Engagement and Social Work (Background from President Wheeler). Dr. Carolyn Ericson read a prepared statement, which discusses the value of the social work major and the process of deciding to eliminate the major. In response to Dr. Wheeler's statement and questions from senators, Dr. Ericson supplemented this report with the following comments: there were 24 applications for the most recent faculty search. She also indicated that social work students have performed over 7000 hours of community service, and that the department has several courses in the social entrepreneurship minor, which support the service learning and civic engagement emphasis of the university. Dr. Ericson indicated that she was only given 4 days to respond to a provost's memo that asked for the department to respond to his suggestion to eliminate the major. She gave the following information about the cost of accreditation: the university funds the site visit of two examiners, paying a fee based on the number of graduates and two directors receive a 25% course release (which Vice-Provost Schwarze later clarified is the 50% release time given to all departments for chair release. In social work, the release time is split between two people). Besides the release time, Dr. Ericson indicated that the cost of accreditation is less than $5000. There was also discussion about where this suggestion came from: the Luter dean asked the academic task force (ATF) to examine whether Sociology and Social Work should be combined. The ATF did not comment on that suggestion, except to say that it was an administrative issue. The issue of eliminating the major did not arise from the ATF. The guests left at 3:47, after which senators wanted to discuss VIIIE, Resolution to Allow Social Work majors. That discussion is placed there.
  5. President's report

  6. After the president's report, President Wheeler discussed VIIB next, How Faculty Senate Votes Count (Underwood), then VIIIC next, Resolution to Support of the Formal and Informal Reasoning Area of Inquiry. The parts of the agenda that had not been discussed were covered in order. Thus, the order of the senate meeting was I, II, III, IV, VIIIE, V, VI, VIIA2, VIIB, VIIIC, VIIA1, VIIA3, VIIIA, VIIIB, VIIID, IX.

  7. Committee Reports
    1. Order of Administrative Evaluation Committee Report This report describes interviews of deans, some Faculty Review Committee (FRC) members and some chairs, asking each how they felt about the new evaluation in which the dean and FRC have a parallel review, compared to the old version, in which the dean is followed by the FRC. Most liked the new plan though some FRC members preferred the old model. Because the FRC and this adhoc study committee did not have data on what happened last year vs this year when the dean and FRC disagreed, senators Guajardo and Frucot move to recommend that the 09-10 faculty senate reconsider the issue of admininistrative order evaluation to gather a complete set of data looking at the provost decision when there is a discrepancy between the FRC and the dean. Vote In favor: Carlson, Brunke, Xu, Frucot, Mollick, Underwood, Guajardo, Brash, Duskin, McMahon, French. Abstain Lambert, Filetti. Motion Passes
    2. Subcommitee 1 (Brash): Had no report.
    3. Subcommitee 2 (Mollick). This committee examined enhancing and sustaining core aspects of faculty life including teaching, service, research. They will bring a resolution to the April meeting.
    4. Subcommittee 3 Faculty Survey Results. Senators Carlson and McMahon discussed the results of the student and faculty survey. Most interesting was that faculty in general do not like Reading Day. Students in general do like Reading Day. President Wheeler asked faculty review this for discussion on April.
  8. Old business
    1. Curriculum:
      1. Termination of Concentration of Bachelors in Music (Lambert, Xu). Senators Lambert and Xu recommend approval. All in favor: unanimous. Motion passes.
      2. Classics Major (French, Rahim): Professor Adamitis came to justify the proposed new classics major when the provost is asking for curricular efficiencies. She explained that the major was created two years ago, and has been in place as an interdisciplinary studies major. Senators French and Rahim recommend passing the proposal. Vote in Favor: Carlson, Brunke, Xu, McMahon, Frucot, Mollick, Underwood, Guajardo, Lambert, Brash, Duskin, French Abstain: Filetti. Motion Passes. The meeting moved next to the President's report.
      3. BCES: Recommendation that the major in environmental science become a concentration (Guajardo, Duskin). Senators Guajardo and Duskin recommend approval. Vote in Favor unanimous. Motion Passes.
    2. How Faculty Senate Votes Count (Underwood): Senator Underwood explained that the default in Robert's Rules of Order is that a motion passes if the majority of those voting vote for it. In the past, some faculty senates have used a different rule: that a motion passes if the majority of those present vote for it. The difference is that in the first, abstain votes count as if the senators were not present at the meeting. In the second, abstain votes count as "no"s in the sense that, in order to pass, the number of yes votes must be greater than or equal to the sum of the no votes and abstain votes. Senators Wheeler and Brash move to modify the handbook so that motions carry if a majority of those present vote yes (the second option). Vote in Favor: Carlson, Brunke, Xu, Frucot, Mollick, Underwood, Guajardo, Filetti, Brash, Duskin, McMahon, French. Abstain: Lambert. Motion Passes. Next year the University Handbook should be changed to reflect this.
  9. New business
    1. Status of Senate and Committee Elections. Senator McMahon will create a SurveyMonkey vote based on nominations from the nominations committee.
    2. Appoint a senate officer nominations committee: President Wheeler appointed outgoing senators Wheeler, Guajardo, Lambert, McMahon to serve as the nominations committee for the 2009-2010 faculty senate executive committee.
    3. Resolution to Support of the Formal and Informal Reasoning Area of Inquiry (Underwood) Senator Underwood asked senators to look at the resolution for a vote in April. By that time, the process specified on page 39 of the University Handbook for changing part of the liberal learning core will be ready for faculty senate review. Thus, the faculty senate will be prepared to consider those recommendations when considering this resolution.
    4. Termination of the jazz concentration in Music. Senator Brunke and Mollick will consider this.
    5. Resolution to allow social work majors. Senators widely supported Senator Mollick's resolution, but amended it to add that incoming students be allowed to major in Social Work. The amended resolution is attached. Senators Mollick and Brunke move to pass this resolution. Vote in Favor. Carlson, Brunke, French, Xu, Frucot, Mollick, Underwood, Guajardo, Filetti, Lambert, Brash, Duskin. Abstain: McMahon. Motion passes. The meeting then moved to VII.A.2, discussion of the Classics major to accommodate our guest, Dr. Jana Adimitis.
  10. Other
    1. A senator asked how chairs can predict when honors faculty will teach honors courses. President Wheeler said that she would find out.

The meeting adjourned at 5:58.