Agenda for Faculty Senate meeting
3 PM Friday, November 14, 2008
Board Room, David Student Union

  1. Call to Order
  2. Introduction of Guests
  3. Approval of minutes of Faculty Senate meetings
    1. Approve minutes for  October 3 meeting and October 10 meeting
    2. Correction of September minutes

      Vice Provost Schwarze reported that part of the minutes are not correct. VII.A says:  "There was some discussion that the process on the provost's web page does not seem to be the process that was followed. Instead, this year, the provost's office nominated all faculty." Outstanding Faculty Award nominees are those who are nominated for the CNU Alumni Society Award for Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring. The criteria for that award is on the provost's web site at: This year, there were three faculty nominated via that process, but there are 4 allowed to be forwarded to the state (3 regular nominations and 1 rising star). Thus, the provost's office added one name, not all of them.

      Action requested: Correct these minutes. Suggestion: "There was some confusion about the process of how faculty become outstanding faculty award nominees."

  4. President's report
  5. Committee Reports
    1. Faculty Development Grant recommendations (Brunke)
    2. Academic Task Force (Carlson)
    3. Department Liaison Reports:
      1. Sociology/Anthropology (Carlson)
      2. Leadership and American Studies (McMahon)
    4. Eval-4 Task Force (Wheeler)
    5. Campus Security Committee (Carlson)
  6. Old business
    1. Student Pay process (Lambert): stipend and supervisor absence
    2. Establishing a Senate committee to examine costs and revenue at CNU
  7. New business
    1. Douglas Gordon emeritus consideration
    2. Curriculum Committee Recommendations
      1. Economics BA
      2. English
    3. Commencement without graduation policy
    4. Underload Catalog Change
    5. Outstanding faculty award process

      The alumni society award committee has been made up previous outstanding faculty award recipients. Most of those faculty will not be faculty after this year. Thus, we need a process for creating a committee that will decide the outstanding faculty awards.

    6. Faculty Life Standing Committee

  8. Other