CNU Faculty Senate Agenda

19 November 2010


I.        Call to Order

II.     Approval of October Meeting Minutes

III.  President's Report

IV.  Committee Reports

A.     Faculty Senate Goals

1.       Objective 1: Hiring and Retention

a)       Strategy 1D, Dossiers (Mollick)

2.       Objective 2: Teaching, Scholarship and Service

a)       Strategy 2D, Faculty Awards (Pollard): First reading of proposal.

3.       Objective 3: Standards and Practices

B.     Chairs' Reports

C.     Department Liaisons' Reports

V.     Old Business

VI.  New Business

A.     Faculty Development Grants

B.     Sabbaticals

C.     ATAC Report on IDEAs

D.     Train the Trainer for IDEA

E.      Curricular efficiencies and class size

F.      Internships/Community Service/Independent Studies (Pollard)

G.     Summer Courses

H.     Core Advising Feedback from Spring Advanced Registration 

I.        FRC Recommendations

VII.             Other