CNU Faculty Senate Agenda

18 February 2011

DSU Board Room


I.        Call to Order

II.     Guest Presentations

A.     Faculty Mentoring Committee Update (Jean Filetti)

B.     Proposal for B.A. in Social Work (Carolyn Erickson and Marion Manton)

III.  Approval of January Meeting Minutes

IV.  President's Report

V.     Committee Reports

A.     Faculty Senate Goals

1.       Objective 1: Hiring and Retention

a)       Strategy 1D, Dossiers (Lewis)

2.       Objective 2: Teaching, Scholarship and Service

a)       Strategy 2B, Senate Assessment (Carlson)

3.       Objective 3: Standards and Practices

B.     Chairs' Reports

C.     Department Liaisons' Reports

VI.  Old Business

A.     Internships/Community Service/Independent Studies (Pollard)

VII.             New Business

A.     Distinguished Professor Calendar

B.     Change to Overload Policy (Kennedy)

C.     University Instructional Development Committee (Pollard)

D.     Handbook Changes (Brunke and Redick)

VIII.          Other