CNU Faculty Senate Agenda

18 March 2011

DSU Board Room


I.        Call to Order

II.     Introduction of Guests: Lacey Howard, Assistant Director of Alumni Relations

III.  Acknowledgment of Electronic Approval of February Meeting Minutes

IV.  President's Report

V.     Committee Reports

A.     February BOV Meeting Reports

1.       Academic Affairs (Puaca)

2.       Development (Carlson)

3.       Finance (Adamitis)

4.       Student Life (Pollard)

B.     Faculty Senate Goals

1.       Objective 1: Hiring and Retention

a)       Strategy 1D, Content of Dossiers: Final Report (Lewis)

2.       Objective 2: Teaching, Scholarship and Service

a)       Strategy 2B, Senate Assessment (Carlson)

3.       Objective 3: Standards and Practices

a)       Strategy 3B, Faculty Recognition Site (Puaca)

C.     Chairs' Reports

1.       A&H (Adamitis)

2.       NBS (Brash)

3.       SS (Kidd)

D.     Department Liaisons' Reports (* = non-dept. member)


English: Pollard

Fine Arts and Art History: Redick*

History: Connell

Mod. and Class. Lang. and Lit.: Adamitis
Music: Kennedy*

Philosophy and Religious Studies: Redick

Theater and Dance: Rahim*



Biology, Chemistry and Env. Sci.: Brunke

Math: Kennedy

Physics, Comp. Sci., and Eng.: Selim

Psychology: Velkey


Accounting, Economics and Financing: Rahim

American Studies and Leadership: Puaca*

Communication Studies: Von Burg

Government: Carlson

Management and Marketing: Hall*
Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology: Lewis


VI.  Old Business

A.     Liberal Learning Emphasis: Report on chairs' recommendations regarding possible revisions to the LLE (Adamitis).  

B.     Internships/Community Service/Independent Studies (Pollard)

VII.             New Business

A.     Handbook Changes

1.       Change #6.2: Promotion to Full Professor

2.       Change #11.3: Committees

3.       Change #15: Faculty Development Grants (approved electronically)

4.       Change #16: ROTC

B.     Emeritus Status

1.       Avioli

2.       Healey

3.       Hoaglund

4.       Kostaki-Gailey

5.       Mollick

6.       Schell

7.       Webb

VIII.          Other