CNU Faculty Senate Minutes

17 August 2010

Washington Room, David Student Union


Senators Present: Adamitis, Brunke (left at 1:24 p.m.), Carlson, Connell (left at 1:24 p.m.), Hall, Kennedy (left at 1:24 p.m.), Lewis, Mollick, Pollard (left at 1:24 p.m.), Puaca, Rahim, Redick (left at 1:24 p.m.), Selim, Velkey, Von Burg


Guest: Prof. Kevin Shortsleeve, Senate Liaison to Trible Library (left at 12:35 p.m.)


I.        The meeting was called to order at 11:38 a.m.

II.     The Senate unanimously approved the April Meeting Minutes.

III.  President's Report

IV.  Committee Reports

A.     SEC Reports from June BOV Meetings

1.       Finance (Adamitis): The University's budget for AY 10-11 is similar to that of AY 09-10, due in part to the continued availability of ARRA funds and in part to the tuition increase.  However, in AY 11-12, the ARRA funds will run out. The administration has already begun to offset this projected loss by creating a reserve fund that can be used to prepay AY 11-12 bills and is considering additional means of generating revenue.  In addition, the University hopes that the state will increase its allocation in AY 11-12.  (N.B.: Over the past few years the allocation from the state has decreased from about 70% of our educational budget to 41%, thus changing CNU's status from a "state-supported institution" to a "state-assisted institution.")

Discussion: There was general concern among Senators that the tuition increase for AY 10-11 would put the institution out of financial reach for some students.  However, the Senate also appreciates the severity of the current budget situation and recognizes that CNU is striving to maintain lower tuition rates relative to other state institutions in Virginia.

2.       Academic Affairs (Carlson): The committee heard updates regarding the new Core Advising program and changes regarding the course selection/placement process for incoming freshmen. 

3.       Student Life (Duskin for Puaca): The primary issues raised at the meeting are as follows:

—The Subcommittee was told that the total number of accepted students, the GPA, and the SAT averages for the incoming freshman class were essentially unchanged from last year. There was, however, a significant drop in the number of out-of-state students.

—When the students in the incoming class were asked to state their intended major there were significant increases in the numbers indicating Biology, Accounting, Chemistry, Computer Science, and Sociology when compared to the previous year's class.

—There were significant decreases in the number of students indicating that they intended to major in English and History when compared to the previous year.

—The Subcommittee was also told that CNU would begin an Early Decision admission program in the coming year and the regular admission deadline would be moved from March 15 to February 1. 


4.       Advancement (Brunke): An important goal of the University is to increase giving in AY 10-11.  Donations from students decreased in AY 09-10, and the administration will consult with departments regarding ways to boost student giving.

5.       Full Board (Carlson): The Board of Visitors (BOV) approved the proposed budget for the year and confirmed the tuition raise for AY 10-11. Jay Joseph completed his last meeting as leader of the BOV and Rector of the university; he has been a very positive supporter of CNU faculty and students. The new leadership of the BOV will be appointed at the September 2010 Meeting.

August Update: New members of CNU's BOV approinted by the governor are: Mrs. Vicki Siokis Freeman, Newport News, Virginia; Mr. Lewis A. McMurran, III, Carrollton, Virginia; Brian K. Meals, Esq., Portsmouth, Virginia; Mrs. Margo D. Taylor, Norfolk, Virginia; and Mr. W. L. Thomas, Jr., Suffolk, Virginia.

The BOV meeting dates for AY 10-11 are:

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010  (if needed)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011

V.     Old Business

A.     New Faculty Development Grant Forms
The AY 10-11 Senate subcommittee for Faculty Development Grants revised the application form in order to increase its coherence and clarity for the applicant and its usefulness to the application review committee.  The most substantial revisions are as follows:

—The narrative description of the project, which formerly comprised responses to eleven somewhat redundant questions, will now comprise focused discussion of three topics: Intellectual Contribution, Process, and Product.

—The revised form requires more detailed information regarding the applicant's grant history and the proposed budget for the project.


B.     COACHE Follow-up: Service Opportunities for Untenured Faculty (Von Burg)
Background: The COACHE data revealed that untenured faculty perceive a need to increase their opportunities for service.   In AY 09-10, the Senate formed a subcommittee to address this concern.  The subcommittee met in the spring to review and assess current service opportunities for untenured faculty.

The committee concurred that the number of seats on committees open to untenured faculty is more than sufficient and that the competition for these seats both among untenured faculty and between tenured and untenured faculty is not unreasonable.  The committee appreciates that untenured faculty are concerned about meeting the tenure expectations for service and therefore suggests that when making committee appointments the administration grant special consideration to untenured faculty approaching the 4th and 6th year reviews who have not had an opportunity for university service.  The committee will present a formal resolution at the September Senate meeting.

Discussion: There was concern that faculty from small departments may encounter particular difficulty in winning elected committee seats, since larger departments tend to vote en masse for their own faculty and thus significantly impact the election outcome. The committee's recommendation that the administration consider the service needs of untenured faculty when making appointments addresses this concern.  The committee also noted that faculty in smaller departments tend to have increased departmental service responsibilities.  

C.     Update on Student Assistants (Velkey)
Background: The COACHE data indicated faculty interest in involving undergraduates in instruction.  Senator Velkey presented this preliminary report, which outlines a potential university-wide Scholars Associates Program modeled on the existing Writing Associates program.  Senator Velkey will complete the final report by September 15th.

Discussion: The discussion focused on two interrelated questions:

1.       Would participating students receive stipends and, if so, what would be the source of the funding?  Based on his research on this topic, Senator Velkey suggested that offering students credits rather than stipends would be preferable, because earning credits would increase the students' educational investment in the job. 

2.       If students earn credits for the Scholars Associates Program, then the Program effectively becomes a course.  How would faculty be compensated for teaching this course?  Senator Velkey stated that faculty participation in the Program should be considered as beneficial instructional development. 

The Senate requested more information on the benefits of the Program for faculty and more details on item 3b in the report ("A statement of work should be developed no later than the 1st week of class that specifies the duties and responsibilities, task assignments, task processing goals, accounting for time on task, and designation of pay/credit for work that is completed.")

D.     Update on Faculty Recognition Site (Puaca)
In the spring Senator Puaca compiled a list of all faculty past and present who will be recognized at the site for length of service to CNU and is now waiting for verification of his data from Human Resources. 
Senator Puaca will meet with the University Architect Hunter Bristow to finalize the construction plans for the site and will present a report to the administration this fall. 

VI.  New Business

A.     Resolution in Honor of Dr. Tracey Schwarze
Action: Senators Carlson and Kennedy moved to accept this proposal. 
Vote in Favor: unanimous
Motion Passes

B.     Faculty Senate Meeting Schedule

C.     Faculty Senate Goals 2010-2011
The Senate reviewed the document and will vote at the September meeting. 

(keyed to specific goals in the attached chart)

—1C/D, Digital Measures and Dossiers: Senator Lewis will serve as point person for these initiatives.  The first step will be to collect feedback from departments about their experiences using DM this year so that we may improve the system next year.  Lewis will also work with a subcommittee to make recommendations regarding dossier content.
    At present faculty need clarification regarding DM for Fall 2010: should faculty submit IDEAs electronically or in hardcopy?

[After the meeting, Senator Lewis prepared this questionnaire on faculty experiences using DM, which will be utilized as senators meet with our colleagues in each department over the next 60 days.]

—1E, Annual Review Criteria: Senator Adamitis will continue to work with the subcommittee formed in Spring 2010 to develop criteria for AR assessment. 

—2A, Virtual Teaching Center: Senator Mollick will serve as point person and will form a committee to develop the Center.

—2B/C, Senate Review and Budget: President Carlson will serve as point person for these initiatives.  The Senate has already begun preparation for a review in AY 10-11: Senators Carlson, Brunke and Connell will serve on the committee; the Senate will conduct elections for committee members from each college. The Senate has also has already prepared a memo regarding budget policies for the Budget Advisory Committee.  

—2D, Faculty Awards: Senator Pollard will serve as point person and work with Senators Rahim and Adamitis to propose new faculty awards in teaching and service.  The Senate suggested the committee consider developing research awards as well. 

—3A, Core Advising (see also section F below): Senator Kennedy will serve as point person.

—3C, Child Care: Senators Connell and Hall will serve as point people.  The Senate suggested that they investigate policies and practices at peer institutions.

—3D, Reestablish Office of International Initiatives: Senator Redick will serve as point person and will work with Senator Rahim. 

D.     Appointments to Standing Senate Subcommittees (see section C above and sections D-G below for specific assignments)

1.       Faculty Senate Goals

a)       Objective 1: Hiring and Retention
Lewis (Chair), Adamitis

b)      Objective 2: Teaching, Scholarship and Service
Mollick (Chair), Adamitis, Brunke, Carlson, Connell, Pollard, Rahim, Von Burg

c)       Objective 3: Standards and Practices Chair
Hall (Chair), Connell, Kennedy, Puaca, Rahim, Redick

2.       Priority Advisory Committee (PAC): Adamitis (Chair, A&H), Hall (SS), Brunke (NBS), Rahim (at-large), Von Burg (at-large)

3.       Handbook: Brunke, Redick

4.       Sabbatical Committee: Connell (A&H), Selim (NBS), Hall (SS), Rahim (at large)

5.       Faculty Development Grants: Redick (A&H), Kennedy (NBS), Lewis (SS), Puaca (at-large)

6.       Department Liaisons (* = non-department member)

English: Pollard

Fine Arts and Art History: Redick*

History: Connell

Mod. and Class. Lang. and Lit.: Adamitis
Music: Kennedy*

Philosophy and Religious Studies: Redick

Theater and Dance: Rahim*



Biology, Chemistry and Env. Sci.: Brunke

Math: Kennedy

Physics, Comp. Sci., and Eng.: Selim

Psychology: Velkey


Accounting, Economics and Financing: Rahim

American Studies and Leadership: Puaca*

Communication Studies: Von Burg

Government: Carlson

Management and Marketing: Hall*
Sociology, Social Work and Anthropology: Lewis


7.       Liaisons to Chairs: Filetti (A&H), Brash (NBS), Kidd (SS)

E.      Appointment of Senate Review Committee (see also section C above)
Background: The University Handbook requires the Senate to conduct a formal review of its effectiveness every five years.  The last review was conducted in AY 05-06.  The 05-06 final report is here. 

Action: Senators Carlson and Puaca moved to proceed with an AY 10-11 Faculty Senate Review.
Vote in Favor: unanimous
Motion Passes

F.      Appointment of Senate Subcommittee on Student Success Policies
The Senate suggested adding Student Success to Goal 3A.  Senator Kennedy will serve as point person.

G.     Appointment of Senate Subcommittee on EVAL-4 Revision: Adamitis and Von Burg
Background: Several faculty submitted suggestions for changes to the University EVAL-4 during AY 09-10.

H.     BAC Memo: Presentation of 1st draft
Action: Senators Carlson and Kennedy moved to accept the document.

Vote in Favor: unanimous
Motion Passes

I.        Revised Freshmen Continuance Policy
Discussion: The revised policy transfers the appeal process from the faculty (Undergraduate Academic Status Committee) to the administration (Office for Student Success).  The Senate will return to this issue at the September meeting.

J.        Faculty Awards: The Senate did not discuss this agenda item due to time constraints.  The relevant background information regarding faculty awards is provided below. 

1.       SCHEV Nominations
Background: The University has updated its procedures for SCHEV nominations so that they will be consistent with procedures at other Virginia institutions. In sum: the Provost's Office will manage the internal nomination and selection process.  The Senate will no longer write resolutions supporting candidates, since this is neither a standard practice at other institutions nor a component of the application process. 

2.       Addition of New Faculty Awards at CNU

Background: Internal faculty awards are rapidly becoming standard practice in colleges and universities.   These awards serve as a means to recognize outstanding faculty publically; they also strengthen applications for external awards. 

The Teaching, Scholarship and Service subcommittee (see above VI, D, 1, b) will prepare a proposal. 

K.     Faculty Development Grant Schedule

Due to Chairs: October 20

Due to Deans: November 1

Due to Senate: November 10
Senate Vote: November 19

VII.             Other


The meeting adjourned at 1:25 p.m.