CNU Faculty Senate Agenda

17 September 2010

Boardroom, David Student Union


I.        Call to Order

II.     Acknowledgement of Approval of September Meeting Minutes

III.  President's Report

IV.  Committee Reports

A.     Faculty Senate Goals

1.       Objective 1: Hiring and Retention

2.       Objective 2: Teaching, Scholarship and Service

3.       Objective 3: Standards and Practices

a)       Update on Faculty Recognition Site (Puaca)

B.     Chairs' Reports

V.     Old Business

A.     Faculty Senate Goals: Final Vote

B.     BAC Memo: Final Vote 

C.     Revised Freshmen Continuance Policy

D.     Scholars Associates Program (Velkey)

VI.  New Business

A.     Handbook Committee (Adamitis)

VII.             Other