Lisa Duncan Raines

Lisa Duncan Raines
"I have been fortunate in my life experiences, and each year when the Faculty Staff Campaign begins, I want to give back to show my support. CNU has played a valuable and instrumental role in my professional pursuits. Giving back to CNU is a vital part of supporting our students and our colleagues and engaging with the University. I have a strong sense of pride in being able to give back -- to make this an even greater University. 

The work we do at CNU is so important -- I am consistently impressed both by the caliber of our students and the talent and commitment of our faculty and staff. It is an honor to be a part of CNU’s amazing progress and to be able to engage in the education and support of our students as they go on to become tomorrow’s leaders.

I sincerely believe that giving through this Campaign is one of the best investments we can make in the future -- every gift makes a difference!"

Mark Reimer

Dr. Mark Reimer
"I believe in the value of education and its unparalleled role in helping people lead lives of meaning, civility and joy. Being an agent of Christopher Newport University, I am also a role model who bears the responsibility of leading by example. We expect the absolute best of each of our students (remember the Honors Convocation?), including their capacity and desire to pay forward the attention, effort and financial resources that advance their studies and careers. Coming from a working-class family that lived from paycheck to paycheck, I would never have been able to study with whom I did had it not been for scholarships from donors I never even knew. These donors made a difference in my life and, consequently, in the lives of all the students with whom I have interacted over my past 30 years of teaching. Our lives count, and what we do makes a difference. A gift to CNU is much more than a gesture or an obligation, it is affirmation of all we hold dear."