As University Fellows and recent CNU graduates, we are excited to return and work at our alma mater.

Our job is two-fold. We collaborate on university-wide initiatives in order to better the experience for current and future students. We also work in particular departments including Admission, President's Leadership Program (PLP), Student Engagement and Student Success.

Our main focus is on interviewing prospective students as part of the admissions process. We conduct admission presentations as well as travel to high schools and off-campus events to recruit students.
We are tasked with the exciting responsibility of bringing the fresh perspective of recent graduates to the President's Leadership Program. We contribute to the PLP through programming, building student relationships, and developing student leadership skills.

We strive to provide student engagement and involvement opportunities to all students on campus. We also provide individualized student mentorship to those who seek to find their niche in CNU's campus life.

We support the students of CNU by helping them to achieve their goals. We do this by developing academic action plans through one-on-one meetings and implementing group style workshops that provide tools to help students succeed in and outside of the classroom.