Scholarship Support

We need the students who aspire to lead lives of significance — thinkers, leaders, young men and women with brilliant minds hungering for the best in a liberal arts experience.

We need students with compassionate hearts driven to do more and be more than merely successful.

We also need resources to ensure a CNU education is available to every student who answers our call to a life of purpose. To attract the brightest minds and talent we must offer competitive scholarships so every student who wishes to attend CNU has the financial ability to do so. That’s why a major priority going forward is to dramatically expand the University’s endowment.

Exceptional merit-based scholarships will ensure we adequately recognize the accomplishments of top students. At the same time, competitive need-based scholarships will help us retain students who possess the ability to succeed at CNU but who otherwise would be unable to attend due to financial limitations.

As we develop leaders who will shape the world, academic achievement must be our top priority. We must fill our classrooms, labs, studios and stages with the most gifted students — creating a dynamic environment for exploration where students seek answers to the most pressing questions facing society.

Through more and larger scholarship packages, we can compete with the world’s best institutions, creating a community of scholars who will define significance for years to come.

When you ask people to give you their very best,
they will astound you with their success

President Paul Trible

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