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CNU Green

Christopher Newport is committed to promoting ecological, environmental and social sustainability among all members of the campus community, administration, faculty, staff and students. Together, we are working to:

  • Every building on campus is controlled by a computerized energy management system that allows for constant monitoring and adjusts temperatures and turns off lights when buildings and rooms are unoccupied.
  • Paperless, electronic systems help reduce paper use and waste.
  • Ninety percent of the shower heads in the residence halls are low-flow, and standard toilets are replaced with water reduction models when necessary.
  • We recycle more than five tons of paper, cardboard, cans, glass, plastic, batteries, and printer ink and toner cartridges every month. There are multiple recycling locations in every building, and items such as old mattresses are returned to the manufacturer, where most of the materials are reused.
  • Dining Services recycles cooking oil, approximately 1,600 pounds per month.
  • Our comprehensive storm-water management program, in conjunction with the Mariners’ Museum, the Virginia Department of Transportation, Riverside Regional Medical Center and the city of Newport News, conditions runoff before it enters the James River.
  • Pulping systems in the dining halls reduce solid waste by nearly 90 percent and reuse the extracted water.
  • Property the University no longer needs, and that has market value, is sold at auction.
  • Nearly all new construction projects meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design standards.
  • University Housing replaces incandescent lights with fluorescent lights, and replaces broken appliances with energy-saving models. New washing machines are front-loading, and require less water and shorter drying times.
  • Events such as a farmers market and sustainability panels promote local consumption and awareness.
CNU Green

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