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CNU Green

Sustainability Initiatives

Our goal is to reduce the our carbon footprint and lessen our effects on the environment. We undertake a variety of sustainable dining and housing practices that will foster long-term environmental stewardship, conservation of natural resources and sustainability.


  • The campus is pedestrian- and bike-friendly
  • Outdoor irrigation systems operate by moisture sensors to conserve water
  • Green cleaning products are used by custodial services in all buildings
  • Outdoor plantings are selected based on their suitability for local climate and soil conditions, to increase the campus biodiversity and attract beneficial insects


  • All cooking oil used in deep-fat fryers, approximately 1,000 pounds per week, is recycled
  • Use of a pulper reduces solid waste in the dining halls to one-tenth of usual waste
  • Recycling containers are available in all dining halls
  • Use of tray-less service to reduce solid, liquid and food waste


  • Ninety percent of shower heads in on-campus residences are low-flow
  • Incandescent lights are replaced with fluorescent lights as needed
  • Lounge furniture is reupholstered rather than replaced
  • Parts from broken furniture, appliances, etc, are reused to make repairs
  • Recycling bins are on every residence hall floor, and a recycling dumpster has been placed at East Campus
  • Broken appliances are replaced with Energy Star models
  • Standard toilets are replaced with water-reduction models as needed
  • Housekeeping staff use certified green cleaning products and control mixture amounts
  • Old mattresses are returned with each order of new ones; manufacturers reuse most of the materials and CNU receives a discount
  • Bicycle parking around residence halls increased
  • Online housing contracts and forms and work-order system used to reduce paper
  • Grease dumpster installed at CNU Village retail establishments

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