Exciting opportunities within the Honors Program!

Some Honors students devote their summers to the exciting opportunities that the Honors Program has to offer.  Others compile hours during a semester or more than one semester.  Whether it’s interning at a hospital or forming a club in the community, Honors inquiries provide Honors students with an almost endless number of opportunities to explore something that they are passionate about.  While Major-Related Study and Research (HONR 381) and Study Abroad (HONR 383) help meet the Inquiry Requirement—See the Curriculum page and scroll down to HONR 381, 382, 383—the third type of Inquiry—Civic Engagement (HONR 382)—offers a surprising, rewarding range of possibilities—and results in academic credit.  Below are several examples; more are described in the students’ own words in The Honors Gallery

Megan Talley

Through Honors inquiries, students have the chance to be a part of something big. That’s just what junior Megan Talley got to do when shewas chosen for an internship with the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility. Megan was part of the team that detected and analyzed a new particle. Thanks to her hard work, she was hired by the accelerator facility to continue her research and has since gone on to gradute study in physics.

Honors inquiries can help students solidify their plans for the future. That perfect internship can affirm a student’s plans, like Kelsey Johnson’s internship at Riverside Regional Medical Center.  Kelsey got to experience multiple aspects of the medical field: she shadowed E.R. doctors, wrote medical articles, and even did independent research.  Kelsey’s experience was invaluable, as it confirmed her dream of becoming a doctor.

While these inquiries can help to affirm your aspirations, they can also reveal that your dream job just isn’t for you. When Jenn Asselin landed an internship in the Family Division of the Burlington County Courthouse, she was thrilled to be able to explore a career in law. Jenn, whose childhood dream was to become a lawyer, got the full courthouse experience, from recording court documents to sitting in on actual hearings.  While she learned about herself as an employee and as a person, by the end of her internship, Jenn was sure of one thing: that she didn’t want to be a lawyer. Jenn has continued her studies in Philosophy at the Ohio State University, one of the top programs in the country.

Maggie Matthews

Maggie Matthews had the opportunity to explore a field that she had never before considered. She didn’t expect to find a summer job that would relate to herEnglish major, but working as a technical writer turned out to be one of the best experiences in her life. For her job with the development company LB&J Limited, she single handedly designed the core documents for a new fast food restaurant, including menus and employee manuals. Thanks to her job with LB&J Limited, Maggie has a job that can support her while she pursues her true dream of becoming a published author. 

Honors inquiries can give students a different kind of experience. For Tori Blanks, her internship at Auto-Owners Insurance Company was the perfect opportunity to grow professionally Tori learned all of the ins and outs of the professional world, from how to dress to how to stay on top of a full-time job. The experience that Tori gained through her internship has not only prepared her for the future, it helped her to get her dream internship at an accounting firm, which led to several more. Now, having completed a masters in accounting at the Macintosh School of Commerce at UVA, Tori is preparing for the CPA exam and moving into a full-time position with Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP.

Kat Forbes

Katherine Forbes had the opportunity to do something that she is extremely passionate about. A strong advocate of non-profits, Katherine formed a 4H club in response to the Newport News community’s high demand for an equine organization. Katherine single-handedly built the club, establishing its framework, organizing events, and attracting members. The now thriving club is a testament to Katherine’s passion and dedication.
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