The Honors Living Area fosters intellectual stimulation for students.

Housed in York River Hall, the Honors Living Area, consisting of Learning Communities organized by HONR 100 sections provides you with an atmosphere that fosters productive studying and lifelong friendships.

Participating students hail from all parts of Virginia, as well as states across the country. These students are involved in the Honors Program and every CNU major.

"Honors housing greatly enhanced my experience in the Honors and PLP programs, as well as my overall experience at CNU. It was nice to have friends from many of my classes right down the hall both for academic and social interactions. Many friendships fostered that first year in honors housing continue to this day,  years post graduation."
-Jessi Hinz

"Honors housing allowed me an opportunity to not only focus on my studies, get enough sleep as a varsity sports player, but also have fun getting to know so many different people.  Between scooters down the hallways, everyone hanging out at all hours, and fun hall events, I never found myself regretting the decision.  The Honors students know how to work hard and are respectful of each other, but they also know how to have fun and let loose around each other."
-Kimberly Solheim

"Living in Honors housing balanced many of the pulls and distractions of freshman year in a very healthy way. I was always able to study when I needed to and sleep when I wanted to, but there were always some people doing something fun when I wanted to play. And the people in honors are amazing- smart, challenging, energetic people; almost all of my best friends now lived in Honors housing, and they are some of the most respectable people I know. Its impossible not to be happy and successful when surrounded by such incredible people!"
-Kaitlin Kitchen

"Honors Housing is an awesome opportunity to meet people with similar goals and similar experiences as you, and to know that you have those same people to lean on when you're struggling in a class.  It makes those first few weeks at college ten times easier because you know that you have a great group of friends right across the hall."
-Brittany Handy

Honors housing enabled me to meet many of my closest friends.  We all balanced work and play to create a relaxed environment that we could where we could sleep, do projects, and have fun.  Having people form a variety of majors but with similar personalities and mindsets allowed me to get to know a lot of people but also share classes with them.  Many of my hallmates and I continue to try to take classes together continuing into our junior year!  Honors housing fostered the environment that enabled us to become so build those relationships."                                                                                                                                                                                        -Jacob Reeves