Expand Your Horizons!

Take learning outside the classroom as you expand the boundaries of a traditional education. The travel opportunities and summer stipends that Honors students enjoy promote a broad exploration of diverse people, cultures and ideas.

We encourage Honors students to experience learning beyond the University. Through international study, you will expand your world view in new and exciting ways. And when you attend professional conferences, you can both share your research and network with professionals in your field. The possibilities are endless, and travel experiences can be used to earn academic credit!

Current CNU Programs
CNU faculty lead trips for Summer 2015 to a variety of countries! Students in CNU Programs travel with professors while earning CNU academic credit.

Principia Consortium
The Principia Consortium is a study abroad opportunity at the University of Glasgow offered exclusively to Honors Program students. Contact Study Abroad 

Summer Research Stipends
The Honors Program encourages research that is related to international travel through summer stipends ($1,000) that allow CNU students to travel the world as they conduct undergraduate research. Explore projects students have completed in past years and tailor your research experience to meet your personal goals. Apply Now!

Travel Stipends to Present at a Conference
We support travel by Honors students presenting at scholarly conferences. Apply Now for a travel grant to present research at a conference!

Study Abroad Stipends
Honors Program students became eligible for up to $2,000 to defray expenses for credit-bearing study abroad opportunities. Apply Now!