Health Care

Health and Dental coverage rates are deducted from your paycheck pre-tax (no Federal, State or Social Security taxes).  Therefore, strict IRS guidelines dictate that enrollment must take place within 30 days of hire or during Open Enrollment unless there is a qualifying mid-year event.  For further information regarding eligibility, election options, enrollment and rates review the State Health Benefits Program.  Employees with state id numbers can enroll or make changes via Employee Direct or by using the Active Employee Eligibility and Enrollment Form.

Employees have access to an interactive tool, Alex, which can help you determine which plan may work best for your personal needs.  Employees also have access to a new program, MyActiveHealth. MyActiveHealth has access to tools and services to encourage healthier lifestyles, helps with managing chronic conditions, features lifestyle coaching and more. 

The health plans available in our area  include:   COVA HDHP, COVA Care, COVA HealthAware, and TRICARE Supplement.  The COVA HDHP, COVA Care, COVA HealthAware plans offer optional buyups.  The options available are as follows:


  • COVA HDHP (with preventative and diagnostic dental)
  • COVA HDHP plus Expanded Dental

COVA Care -

  • COVA  Care (with preventative and diagnostic dental)
  • COVA Care plus Out of Network
  • COVA Care plus Expanded Dental
  • COVA Care plus Out of Network and Expanded Dental
  • COVA Care plus Expanded Dental, Vision and Hearing
  • COVA Care plus Out of Network, Expanded Dental, Vision and Hearing

COVA HealthAware -

  • COVA HealthAware (with diagnostic and preventative dental
  • COVA HealthAware plus Expanded Dental
  • COVA HealthAware Plus Expanded Dental and Vision


Delta Dental provides dental services to all Commonwealth of Virginia employees who are enrolled in the State Health Benefits Program.

Locate a Dentist

Call Delta Dentals toll free member services at 1-888-335-8296.

To obtain an overview of the Health Benefits available to you and to receive the latest news and updates about State Employee Health Benefits visit the following site:

Spotlight - Highlights and Changes to your Health Benefits Program

Your Prescription Drug Program is based on the type of Health Benefits you elected. 


Anthem - COVA HDHP Prescription Drug Program
Member Services: 1-800-355-8279

COVA Care -

Anthem - COVA Care Prescription Drug Program
Member Service: 1-800-355-8279

COVA HealthAware -

Aetna Health - Prescription Drugs
Member Services: (855) 355-8506

All health plans offered to state employees and their dependents have employee assistance programs (EAPs). EAP counselors are available to assist employees. Contact your plan's Member Services department for more information.

Anthem Employee Assistance Program
EAP Member Services: 1-855-223-9277

Anthem Employee Assistance Program
EAP Member Services: 1-855-223-9277

COVA HealthAware
Aetna Employee Assistance Program
Member Services: (855) 414-1901