Employees receive discounted travel opportunities through CNU's third party vendor, Travel Counsellors, Inc (TCI).  For a list of the available opportunities, visit TCI's website and click on Employee Benefit Travel Program and then Christopher Newport University.

To find out more about the promotional programs financial institutions are offering click on the links below.


Legal Resources provides legal support for traffic violations, automobile sales and repair problems, landlord/tenant disputes, defense in civil suits, divorce problems, preparation of wills (including a living will), real estate purchase, product warranty disputes, and advice and consultation.  After an initial fee of $10 per month, employees pay $18.00 per month.  There are no deductibles, claim forms, waiting periods or fee schedules, but a one-year contract must be signed.  For further information email Legal Resources at:  info@LegalResources.com, call them at:  1.800.728.5768 or visit their website.

U.S. Savings Bonds (Series EE and Series I) may be purchased through a direct deposit allocation with Treasury Direct. For more information and to enroll, visit TreasuryDirect. Once your account at Treasury Direct is established, contact the Office of Human Resources to set up your payroll deduction.

The Virginia Prepaid Education Program (VPEP) is one of the Section 529 qualified tuition programs offered by the Virginia College Savings Plan. VPEP lets Virginia families prepay the cost of tomorrow's college tuition and mandatory fees today.

The following links provide additional employee benefits.

BJ's Wholesale Club

Sam's Club Newport News Sam's Club, #6351
12407 Jefferson Ave.  |  Newport News, VA 23602
(757) 875-0243  |  (757) 874-2096 - Pharmacy  |  (757) 875-1424 - Optical
Collegiate Membership - Receive a $15 gift card with your new membership.