We seek caring, talented and committed employees who will embrace and share CNU's Key Traditions. 

It is our Key Workplace Traditions that make CNU a unique and special place to work and learn. If you are considering employment at CNU review our Key Traditions to determine if CNU is the right place for you.

KEY 1.  Friendly, caring and energetic service.

  • Smile and say “Hello” in a welcoming, warm and caring tone.
  • Make their needs your immediate priority.
  • Help in a caring, thorough and quick manner.
  • First impression = lasting impression.

KEY 2.  Anticipating and meeting needs.

  • Seek first to understand – then be understood.
  • Be a caring detective as not all needs are expressed.
  • Ask “Did I answer all of your questions?”

KEY 3.  Unrelenting attention to detail.

  • Learn to look for and anticipate the details.
  • Excellence is the little things done well.
  • Nothing is too little to be done well.

KEY 4.  Inspiring and uplifting others.

  • Seek the best in everyone and they will find it in themselves.
  • Provide unconditional dignity and respect.
  • Encourage hope and success.

KEY 5.  Putting students first.

  • Make every Key Moment special.
  • Routinely exceed expectations.
  • Routinely go the extra mile.

KEY 6.  Transforming lives.

  • Embrace, model and share the Key Workplace Traditions.
  • Help make CNU the best place to learn and work.
  • All jobs and employees are important in this effort.
  • Make a difference in all you do.