Creative Expressions

Creative Expressions (3 hours required)

These courses focus on the human drive for creativity and self-expression in a wide range of forms and over a wide variety of cultures.  Students in these courses will examine creative works both structurally and within a larger context; they may also produce works of creative expression.

Learning Objectives

(Courses must incorporate at least two of the following learner objectives - #1 is required.)

1. Examine selected example(s) of creative expression in terms or artistic, philosophical, cultural and/or psychological issues (required)

2. Discuss the life of creative expressions and/or their originators

3. Compare the role and/or meaning of creative expressions among cultures and/or historical periods

4. Apply technical language in developing original ideas or arguments

5. Demonstrate skills necessary to produce works of creative expression

New Learning Objective (Fall 2014)

Students will be able to express and/or describe stylistic elements associated with a selected work or genre within an artistic medium, and the socio-political, historical, cultural, or economic context with which it is commonly associated.

Accomplishing the Objectives

Instructors should clearly identify how the course will accomplish the above objectives.  Possibilities might include:

  • Participating in class discussion and debate
  • Engaging in teamwork and other collaborative exercises
  • Writing analytical or evaluative papers, perhaps incorporating original research
  • Making oral presentations
  • Creating an artistic product or performance
  • Participating in fieldwork