Creative Expressions

Creative Expressions (3 hours required)

These courses focus on the human drive for creativity and self-expression in a wide range of forms and over a wide variety of cultures.  Students in these courses will examine creative works both structurally and within a larger context; they may also produce works of creative expression.

Learning Objective (Fall 2014)

At the conclusion of an AICE course, students should be able to do the following:

  • Express or describe stylistic elements associated with a selected work or artistic genre
  • Identify the socio-political, historical, cultural, or economic context with which a selected work or artistic genre is commonly associated

Accomplishing the Objective

Instructors should clearly identify how the course will accomplish the above objectives.  Possibilities might include:

  • Participating in class discussion and debate
  • Engaging in teamwork and other collaborative exercises
  • Writing analytical or evaluative papers, perhaps incorporating original research
  • Making oral presentations
  • Creating an artistic product or performance
  • Participating in fieldwork