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Housing and Residence Life

Freshman Move-In

First-year student (freshman) move-in is an exciting and highly orchestrated event. With so many students arriving on campus in a short period of time, move-in can also be quite hectic. Please read and follow the instructions below to help ensure a smooth and successful move-in process for everyone.

These instructions apply only to residents arriving on the scheduled move-in dates and does not apply to students approved to arrive early for official university functions.

Please direct questions about move-in to Residence Life: (757) 594–7527 or

Please direct questions about room and roommate assignments to Housing Administration: (757) 594–7756 or

  • All move-in traffic should enter campus via Avenue for the Arts at the intersection of J. Clyde Morris Blvd. and Warwick Blvd. (do not use University Place)
  • Proceed to the traffic circle and follow move-in signs
  • York River Hall residents will line up in parking lot M off Shoe Lane
  • Santoro Hall and Potomac River Hall residents will line up in lot I off Moore’s Lane via Shoe Lane
  • Vehicles will check in at tents in those lots and then be queued to proceed to the unloading zone

If traveling to Christopher Newport with more than one vehicle for move-in, please consolidate all residence hall items into one vehicle prior to arrival. This will help reduce unloading lines and crowding in campus parking lots. Additional vehicles may be parked at the Ferguson Center parking deck and passengers may walk to the residence halls to assist with resident arrival.

When instructed to pull up to the building to unload, be prepared to move quickly. The student should head directly to the check-in table while another driver remains with the vehicle. As soon as the vehicle is unloaded, it must be moved to make room for others to unload. If the resident is the only driver, he/she should check in after the car is unloaded and parked.

After unpacking, break down boxes, bag trash and remove all debris to designated trash locations. Please do not leave trash in hallways, lounges, stairwells or parking lots.

At check-in, residents should be prepared to:

  • Sign into the residence hall
  • Receive a Captains Card and residential sticker
  • Sign a Room Condition Form
  • Complete the Electronic Student Information Card (have emergency contact names & numbers ready)
  • Complete the Electronic Security Questions for Lock-Outs

First-year students may not move in before Saturday, August 19. Residents who arrive in the Newport News area before Saturday should plan to stay in a hotel until check-in begins. Those who arrive after 5 p.m. on the scheduled day or before or after move-in weekend may not be able to drive their vehicles to the front door of the residence halls and will not have the added help of our move-in volunteers. Bins and carts will be available for use.

  • Campus traffic and parking during move-in will be congested, so please be patient
  • Drive carefully and watch for pedestrians
  • Do not park on the grass, in front of fire hydrants, or along yellow curbs
  • Display DMV-issued permit to park in handicapped spaces
  • Once unloaded, please move vehicles to designated parking areas away from the buildings, making room for others to unload and move in

For more information about parking on campus, contact CNU Parking Services at (757) 594–7129.

  • Pack efficiently, making use of easy-to-handle boxes and storage containers
  • Label all items with resident name and room number
  • Consolidate move-in essentials into one vehicle; leave extra vehicle(s) at the Ferguson parking deck
  • Check out a typical room layout and room furnishings on the University Housing webpage
  • Review suggestions of “Things to Bring” as well as “Prohibited Items” as listed in the CNU Residence Life Handbook
  • Contact roommate(s) to discuss which items to bring (storage boxes, TV, gaming system, etc.) in order to eliminate duplicate items
  • Review the family’s homeowner’s, renter’s and/or health insurance policies and obtain additional coverage if necessary; CNU does not cover liability on any personal belongings
  • Do not use screws, nails, duct tape, masking tape, double-sided foam tape (with or without hooks) or any other method of hanging things that may cause damage or leave residue on residence hall walls; residents are responsible for any damage(s) they may cause.

When to Arrive

First-year student arrival is split over two days to minimize wait times. Residents will arrive during their scheduled time block on their scheduled move-in day according to the student’s residence hall and room assignment as defined in the schedule below. As often as possible, our goal is to have roommates arrive in close proximity to each other so they can work together to set up the room in a way that is best for all.

To manage the flow of traffic and minimize wait times, it is important that families adhere to the move-in schedule. If truly unavoidable and extenuating circumstances arise, please email before Monday, August 1, to request an exception.

Upon arrival, volunteers will be on hand to unload the vehicle and move items directly into the room. As much as possible, please organize and pack belongings in sturdy boxes or storage containers for ease of handling and delivery. To help ensure proper delivery, please label each item with resident name and room number.

All President’s Leadership Program students move in Saturday, August 19. Contact with questions.

Potomac River Hall North (all odd # rooms)

  • 8 a.m.–noon, rooms 239–271, 335–365, and 400–435
  • Noon–4 p.m., rooms 141–185 and 303–333

Santoro Hall

  • 8–11 a.m., odd # rooms 201–221, 243–261, 401–421 and 443–461
  • 11 a.m.–2 p.m., odd # rooms 101–119, 144–160, 301–321 and 343–361
  • 2–5 p.m., odd # rooms 123–135, 223–241, 323–341 and 423–441

York River Hall East (all even # rooms)

  • 8–10 a.m., rooms 250–298 and 400–438
  • 10 a.m.–noon, rooms 200–248 and 444–480
  • Noon–2 p.m., rooms 100–142 and 350–398
  • 2–4 p.m., rooms 144–178 and 300–348

York River Hall West (all odd # rooms)

  • 8–10 a.m., rooms 201–249 and 445–481
  • 10 a.m.–noon, rooms 251–299 and 403–439
  • Noon–2 p.m., rooms 107–135 and 351–399
  • 2–4 p.m., rooms 139–181 and 301–349

Santoro Hall

  • 8–10 a.m., even # rooms 202–218, 244–260, 402–418 and 444–460
  • 10 a.m.–noon, even # rooms 102–118, 144–160, 302–316 and 344–360
  • Noon–2 p.m., even # rooms 124–136, 224–238, 324–338 and 424–438

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