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Happy 25th Anniversary to the LifeLong Learning Society!

The LifeLong Learning Society (LLS) of Christopher Newport University is a membership organization dedicated to persons of retirement age who seek opportunities for learning in an environment of sharing and fellowship. There are no requirements as to previous educational experience. Intellectual curiosity is the only admission requirement.

Managed by and for its members, LLS is a program of the Office of University Advancement and is an affiliate of the Elderhostel Institute Network. Through a variety of activities - including lectures, courses, study and discussion groups, lunches, dinners, and field trips - persons of diverse backgrounds come together to share a common interest in learning. There are no exams or grades in the courses, although some courses include assigned readings and the possible purchase of a text.

All persons of retirement age are encouraged to join if they are interested in being challenged by new ideas in the company of other eager learners. The LLS shares its program with the community by participating in joint learning efforts with other educational and research institutions, retirement groups, industries, and museums and by co-sponsoring three annual conferences.

LLS is an affirmative action / equal opportunity organization. Christopher Newport University does not discriminate in admission, employment or any other activity on the basis of race, color, age, religion, national origin, veteran status, physical handicap or political affiliation.