Teacher Preparation in Mathematics

Those students who wish to become licensed teachers should apply to the five-year Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program. Application to the program must be made in spring of the junior year and will require at least a 3.0 GPA, an essay specifying the reason for applying to the program, passing scores on the PRAXIS I exam or an SAT score of 1100 with at least 530 in critical reading and mathematics subtests, and two letters of recommendation. Students will earn either a BA or BS in mathematics after the first four years and then take an additional year of studies leading to the MAT degree. The courses and degree requirements for the MAT are found in the Graduate Catalog. Students accepted into this program must complete either the elementary-level track (PK-6) or the secondary-level track (6-12) for graduation with a bachelor's degree.

Please visit teacher preparation for all current admission requirements and deadlines.

Elementary-level Track

Major courses required:

  • See major requirements for the BA in mathematics
  • Support courses required:

                 ENGL 123; ULLC 223; MATH 125; HIST 111, 121; GOVT 101; COMM 201 or THEA 230;

                 two science courses and one science lab; GEOG 201; PSYC 207 or 208; SOCL 314/314L;

                 PSYC 312; NSCI 310; MATH 109; ENGL 310 or 430, 314 W; CPSC 110.

  •  Graduate courses* required (senior year): select six credits from ENGL 514, 532 or MATH 570.  

               * See the Graduate Catalog for graduate course descriptions.


Secondary-level Track

Major courses required:

  • In addition to the major requirements for either the BA or the BS in mathematics, the student must complete MATH 335.
  • Support courses required:

                   PSYC 207 or 208; SOCL 314/314L; PSYC 312; MATH 125; COMM 201 or THEA 230; CPSC 110.

                   Students who earn the BS degree must take PHYS 201 and PHYS 202 with the accompanying laboratories.

  • Graduate courses* required (senior year): select six credits from MATH 570, 578, 538.

                  *See the Graduate Catalog for graduate course descriptions.