The next Calculus Readiness Assessment will be held on Saturday, November 15, 2014 from 8 a.m.-9 a.m. Students should report to Luter Hall 363 for the Calculus Readiness Assessment.

Students who need to take the CRA should email Dr. Jeffrey Steckroth ( at least 24 hours before their intended test date.  Please make sure that you email Dr. Steckroth your CNU ID to register for the CRA.

Calculus Readiness: For Students Considering MATH 135, 140, 240, OR 250 

The Calculus Readiness Assessment (CRA) is an hour-long, multiple-choice test covering basic and intermediate algebra and trigonometry. It is designed to help determine whether a student is adequately prepared for certain calculus classes. In order to enroll in a calculus class (MATH 135, 140, 240 or 250), a student must satisfy the following requirements: 

 (1)  MATH 135: successful completion of either MATH 110 or MATH 130, or an acceptable score on the CRA

 (2)  MATH 140: successful completion of MATH 130, or an acceptable score on the CRA

 (3)  MATH 240: successful completion of MATH 140, or an acceptable score on the appropriate AP/IB/Cambridge exam

 (4)  MATH 250: successful completion of MATH 240, or an acceptable score on the appropriate AP/IB/Cambridge exam

 (5)  Students are not allowed to use calculators on the CRA

 Any incoming student intending to enroll in any of MATH 135, 140, 240 or 250 must take the CRA. This includes students who have taken AP/IB/Cambridge classes and exams. Scores for these are not reported to CNU in time for registration, so students should take the CRA just in case they have not received an appropriate score on AP/IB/Cambridge. Afterward, if the AP/IB/Cambridge score is sufficient for course credit, it will override the CRA. Additionally, continuing students without the appropriate prerequisites or test credits intending to enroll in MATH 135 or 140 should take the CRA before attempting to register for classes.

 The CRA is administered at the following times every year:

 (1)  Every Setting Sail session.

 (2)  The week before registration every fall and spring semester.

 (3)  Welcome Week (as necessary).

 (4)  Before the beginning of spring semester (as necessary).

 (5)  In between registration and the adjustment period (as necessary).

Incoming freshmen will take the CRA during Setting Sail. Continuing students intending to register for either MATH 135 or MATH 140 who haven't already taken the prerequisite should plan to take the CRA the week before registration.

Specific times and locations will be posted here, but can also be found at the math department or by consulting your core advisor.

The following sample problems should give you an idea of what to expect on the Calculus Readiness Assessment for Math 135 and Math 140. Everything should look familiar to you and pretty much be a review.

If you find yourself struggling, consider either reviewing precalculus more thoroughly, or signing up for a lower level course, for example Math 110 or Math 130.

Sample Problems (PDF)