Dr. Edward Weiss, Professor
Department Chairman

Office: Science Building, Room 209
Phone: 757.594.7044
Email: eweiss@cnu.edu


A favorite saying: "It's not easy being green . . . can you photosynthesize?"

Dr. Edward Weiss

Ph.D. University of Georgia
M.S.   Tulane University
B.A.  The Johns Hopkins University



Mardi GrasFast Eddie is a native New Orleanian who spent the ‘50s, ‘60s, and some of the ‘70s enjoying the good life in the Big Easy.  This background explains his love of good food and good music.  Desserts, especially chocolate, and Celtic, Cajun, and flamenco music, especially that of the Gipsy Kings, are at the top of the list!  Living with four females--a garden-happy spouse, one teenage daughter, and two mad-hatter rabbits--could explain the often-dazed look on his face.  And then there is Katie, daughter number one!

passion flowerFast Eddie, along with Harold Cones, is a founding member of the University Precision Grilling Team.  How he became infected with the flamingo and Hawaiian shirt craziness that permeates this department is not certain!  He has always found carnivorous plants fascinating, and did his doctoral work on pitcher plants in south Georgia.  But now passion flowers are the plants at the top of the list!!

Getting students excited about biology and about plants in particular is why he has been at CNU since 1980.  Stop by to chat some time.

General Biology, Plant Taxonomy, Soils