Dr. Darlene Mitrano, Assistant Professor   

Students for Sensible Drug Policy Advisor                         

Office: Forbes 3008             
Phone: 757.594.8093
Email: darlene.mitrano@cnu.edu


Molecular Biology
Neurobiology of Addiction


BS in Psychology              Washington & Lee University

PhD in Molecular & Systems Pharmacology           Emory University


After receiving my BS in Psychology, I decided to pursue my PhD at Emory University in Molecular & Systems Pharmacology with a focus of understanding the neural underpinnings of drug addiction. Using a combination of neuroanatomical and neuropharmacological techniques, I looked at metabotropic glutamate receptors in relation to cocaine exposure. Following my graduate work, I entered a postdoctoral program called Fellowships in Research & Science Teaching (FIRST) at Emory University because I realized I want to hone my skills for teaching, but also combine that with my research in the arena of addiction. I joined the faculty at CNU in 2012 and am currently continuing to look mainly at dopamine and adrenergic receptors in relation to cocaine (work I started as a postdoc,) but have expanded to other drugs of abuse and receptors due to my students varied interests.