All applicants should prepare 10 - 15 minutes of material. The work(s) prepared should demonstrate contrasting styles and techniques. Material may be selected from the following repertory lists; comparable works may be substituted



J.S. Bach - any sonata
Poulenc - Sonota Mozart - Concerto in G or D
Griffes - Poem


Marcello - Concerto in C
Cimarosa - Concerto in C
Handel - sonatas
Telemann - Sonata in A


Weber - Concertino
Weber - Concerto No. 1, mvt. I or III
Mozart - Concerto, mvts. I and II or mvts II and III
Saint-Saens - Sonata, mvts. I and II


Weber - Concerto in F Major
Mozart - Concerto in Bb Major
Vivaldi - Concerto in A or E
Hindemith - Sonata
Saint-Saens - Sonata


Maurice - Tableaux de Provence
Glazounov - Concerto
Creston - Sonata
Ibert - Concertino da Camera
Ferling - 48 Etudes (Slow-Fast)



Artunian - Concerto in A flat
Hummel - Concerto in E flat
Haydn - Concerto in E flat
Balay - Prelude and Ballade
Goeyens - All Antica
Goedicke - Concert Etude


Any Mozart Concerto in Eb (447, 495 - one mvt)
R. Strauss Concerto, Op. 11 (one mvt.)

Trombone (Tenor)

Bach - Suites for Violoncello-any 2 contrasting mvts.
Barat - Andante and Allego
Hindemith - Sonata - any two mvts.
Mozart - "Tuba Mirum" from Requiem
Rochut - Melodious Etudes, any etude

Trombone (Bass)

Bozza - Allegro and Finale
Haydn - Excerpts from the Creation
Jacob - Cameos (any 2 contrasting mvts.)
Lebedev - Concerto in One Movement
Lieb - Concertino Basso
Rochut - Melodious Etudes, any etude


Capuzzi/Catillinet - Andante and Rondo
Handel/Little - Suite in A flat
Hutchinson - Sonatina
Jacob - Fantasia
Ross - Partita


Brahms/Little - Five Songs
Wagner - excerpts from Die Meistersinger
Marcello/Little - Sonata No. 1 (or No. 5)
Vaughan Williams - Concerto 
Hindemith - Sonata



One three octave scale with arpeggios and double-stops
One etude or caprice by Rode, Dont, Fiorillo, Kreutzer, Paganini or Wieniawski (Preferably by memory)
First Movement (with Cadenza when applicable) or Second and Third Movements (if applicable) of a concerto
Two contrasting movements of unaccompanied Bach Sonatas and Partitas


One three octave scale with arpeggios
An etude of your choice
Two contrasting movements of an unaccompanied Bach
A movement from a major viola concerto


Boccherini - Concerto
Vivaldi - Sonata


Marcello - sonatas
Capuzzi - Concerto in D
Beethoven - Sonatina


(Major): Milan-Pavanas
Tarrega - Preludes
Bach - Selected mvt. from lute or cello suites
Sor - Studies 1-20


Corelli - Sarabande
Bach - Prelude in C
Salzedo - any prelude from Method for the Harp
Grandjany - Automne;
Le Bon Petite Pio de Yvet