General Rehearsal Schedule (subject to change)

September/October – MWF, 3-5 p.m.
November – MWF, 3-5 p.m. / T-TH, 7-10 p.m.
December 1-8 – Tech Week and Performances
December 1 (Sunday) –  Load In and Sitzprobe
December 8 (Saturday) – Strike immediately following the performance until completed

Please contact J. Lynn Thompson at for questions or additional information.

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The Impresario

  • MR. GOODMAN (spoken) - the Impresario of the Newcourt Mews Opera Company. He has enjoyed a long, and exhausting, career organizing and producing opera. Goodman is known for his expertise, and now he just longs to retire from the limelight.
  • DICKER (bass/baritone – High D/spoken) - the Impresario's foppish assistant. Dicker is the opera company’s "jack of all trades.". He has made a career of making himself "indispensable." He fancies himself a singer and plots to make his stage debut.
  • MR. FLUSH (tenor – High A /spoken) - the star-struck, highly successful banker who will do anything to create and maintain harmony in his affairs. With a mind for business and an eye for the ladies, he is feeling the strain of his dalliances with a renowned diva and her would-be nemesis in the form of a young, naïve soprano who longs for the stage.
  • MADAME CANTRILL (soprano/coloratura – High F/spoken) - the aging opera star. A first-class diva, Madame Cantrill’s voice may be fading, but passions and her temper are still intact, and she is out to prove she still has what it takes.
  • MS. PRENTISS (soprano/lyric – High D/spoken) - the aspiring opera star. What Ms. Prentiss lacks in polish and finesse, she makes up for in looks and natural talent. She is willing do whatever it takes to make her stage debut and make a name for herself.

Amahl and the Night Visitors

  • AMAHL (soprano/female – High A - middle C) - a young, crippled shepherd boy who lives with his mother. When the three kings arrive on their journey to find the Christ-child a miracle occurs and Amahl's leg is healed.
  • THE MOTHER (soprano/mezzo soprano - High A – low A below middle C) - Amahl’s poor, widowed mother. With her son unable to tend their flock, she has to sell Amahl’s sheep. Forced to beg for a living, she gives into temptation and steals the gold King Melchior is bringing to the Christ-child.
  • KING KASPAR (tenor – High Ab) - an Indian scholar, he is childlike, eccentric and a bit deaf. Kaspar shows Amahl his box of magic stones, beads and licorice, and offers Amahl some of the candy. This king bears the gift of myrrh.
  • KING MELCHIOR (baritone – High Eb) - a Persian scholar with a grand and wise presence. He is fierce, yet gentle. The oldest of the three kings. He bears the gift of gold.
  • KING BALTHAZAR (bass – High Eb to Low A) - an Arabian scholar, he is a kind man who answers Amahl's questions about his life as a king and asks what Amahl does. He bears the gift of frankincense.
  • THE PAGE (baritone – High E) - attends the kings upon their journey. He catches Amahl’s mother stealing King Melchior’s gold and alerts the kings to her treachery.
  • SHEPHERDS, DANCING SHEPHERDS and VILLAGERS (CNU Concert Choir) - various members of Amahl’s village summoned by Amahl’s mother to feed and entertain the three kings appropriately.