Market yourself through social networking!

We can help you create a Facebook page or Twitter account. We can also help you by adding graphic images and / or creating custom tabs for your Facebook page.

  • If you already have a Facebook page or group and would like to be linked to the official CNU Facebook page, please use a project request form attaching the name of your group or page for us to approve and link to.
  • If you have an event or announcement that you would like to be posted on the official CNU Facebook page, contact the Communications and Public Relations office at 594-7974, or email Brian McGuire at to schedule an appointment.

Know the Rules!

Facebook has very specific policies on referencing your presence on Facebook and the use of the Facebook logos and trademarks. Please read these policies thoroughly and ensure your website is in compliance.

Twitter has rules and best practices directly related to you receiving and sharing content through your Twitter account. Be sure you understand these rules and policies and put them into practice as you "Tweet."