Dr. Robert Atkinson, Professor 

PhD Virginia Tech
BS, MS James Madison University

Curriculum Vitae

Office: Forbes Hall 2040-D
Phone: (757) 594-7619
Email: atkinson@cnu.edu

Teaching Areas

  • Ecology
  • Wetlands
  • Environmental restoration

Research Interests
Structural and functional characteristics of created and restored wetlands. Current focus involves the use of tree rings and climate data to manage and restore Atlantic White Cedar swamps, typically in the Great Dismal Swamp and other regional national wildlife refuges.

Student Projects

  • Brown, D.A. - Analysis and restoration of Atlantic White Cedar ecosystems in southeastern Virginia
  • Belcher, Bob - Structural and ecophysiological responses of Atlantic White Cedar across a range of shade intensities
  • DeBerry, Jeff - A comparison of aboveground structure in four Atlantic White Cedar swamps
  • Duttry, Pat - Oxidation and accretion of peat underlying the Atlantic White Cedar swamps of VA and NC
  • Harrison, Jolie - Effects of water table on the survival and growth in two young, planted Atlantic White Cedar sites and a review of non-tidal wetland compensation sites in VA
  • Hester, William - Bird composition and species richness in Atlantic white cedar swamps and hardwood/pine habitats
  • Loomis, Darren - Flora and fauna of Atlantic white cedar swamps in southeastern VA and northeastern NC
  • Merry, Shana - Tree rings
  • Shacochis, Kristen - Evaluation of vegetation community structure in Atlantic White Cedar restoration sites
  • Thompson, Greg - Assessment of soil biochemistry in Mid-Atlantic regional Atlantic White Cedar swamps
Dr. Robert Atkinson
Rob Atkinson came to the department in 1995. His out-of-school interests include canoeing, fishing, restoring his old farmhouse, and working with teams of undergraduate and graduate students to understand ecosystems. He has conducted over $1.2 million in externally funded research and his former students work for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, the Virginia Dept. of Environmental Quality, the Natural Heritage Program, The Nature Conservancy, local environmental consulting firms and elsewhere. He and his wife Leslie have a young son and daughter.

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