To request a vehicle, you should do the following:

Prior to Vehicle Use

  • Trip must be approved.
  • Determine what type of vehicle will be needed.
  •  Determine what date(s) and time the vehicle will be needed for.  It is crucial when requesting a vehicle to include the pickup and drop-off hours, not the time of the day (e.g. morning, afternoon, evening).
  • Complete and submit the Vehicle Requisition by visiting the Parking and Transportation website. Click the Reserve a Vehicle tab.
    For immediate request assistance you may also contact the Transportation Officer at 594-8421 or contact the Office of Parking and Transportation at 594-7129.
  • Vehicle requests may be submitted months prior of anticipation or at least 5 working days prior to trip date.
  • The Transportation Office can not guarantee vehicle(s) on last minute requests.
  • An email confirmation will be sent once the requested vehicle(s) have been reserved.

Upon Pick-up

  • Unless specified otherwise, all rental vehicles are to be checked out at the Office of Parking and Transportation (located in the Ferguson Center Parking Deck).
  • If you need to pick-up your pre-booked vehicle before the previous agreed upon time, notify the Office of Parking and Transportation before show-up.
  • You may park your personal vehicle (assuming you have a current CNU parking decal) in the flat lot adjacent to the Ferguson Center Parking Deck.  You may also park inside the  Ferguson Center Parking Deck, if you are not going on an extended trip.  However, no one else within your traveling party may park their vehicles without proper authorization at these locations during the period of time the rental vehicle is away. The Ferguson Center utilizes the deck for their events and parking spaces are at a premium. If it is found that members of your traveling party are parking without proper authorization in these locations, they will receive a parking ticket.
  • At vehicle check out all drivers will be asked to present their drivers license, this procedure will be repeated each time before vehicle use, regardless. This standard is required for liability purposes.  At this time, a Parking and Transportation staff member will go briefly through vehicle usage (fuel, mileage, fuel card instructions, and vehicle drop off procedures).  If this information is not provided, you can find it enclosed in the documentation handed.
  • Although previously performed by the Transportation Office all state operators should perform a walk around visual inspection of the vehicle prior to moving.
  • You will receive a Voyager gas card from the Transportation Officer. Please see the enclosed documentation provided at check-out for more information on fuel card usage.
  • Voyager cards are able to be used at many locations. Please see the enclosed documentation provided at check out for more information.
  • You will receive documentation that is specific to your vehicle when you go on your road trip. This documentation will give you all the information you need when traveling if you have an accident or your vehicle breaks down.
  • Upon return vehicle(s) MUST be returned with a tank full of gas or at the same level it was checked out.
  • Upon return write down the vehicle(s) ending mileage on the vehicle check out form .  This procedure is only applicable for CNU vans. 

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General Operation

  • All state operators should perform a walk around visual inspection of the vehicle prior to moving.
  • Use ‘best judgment’ when changing climate control settings, using the radio, accessing other settings on the dashboard, or using other electronic devices.
  • Operator and all travelers MUST use seatbelts in accordance with state law.

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Upon Return

  • You must do a post vehicle inspection; remove all trash and personal property from inside vehicle(s).
  • If you return the vehicle after business hours, there is a key drop box location right outside of the front door to the Office of Parking and Transportation located on the first floor of the Ferguson Center Parking Deck.
  • Put vehicle key, all gas receipts and gas card inside the assigned information bag and drop it in the key drop box. Please make sure that the bag goes entirely down the slot.
  • The following morning (or first business day back), the vehicle will be inspected for damages, cleanliness, gas level, etc.
  • Upon return, vehicles are not to be parked inside the parking deck, unless specified. They should be parked outside the deck in the flat lot area.
  • DO NOT drive box trucks or vans through the Parking Deck to get to the flat lot. They may get caught in the Deck overhang.

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 State Vehicle

VehicleRate per day

CNU 12 Passenger Van* (only) 

CNU Minivan* $46

*12 passenger capacity (including driver)

*Minivan capacity 6 passengers (including driver)

Note: Available CNU vans capacity are for 12 passengers only.  Vans of larger capacity will be requested to Enterprise Rentals.  For Enterprise vans rental rate see Enterprise Rental Rates below.


New mileage rate for official state travel

State Travel - Effective January 1, 2014

  • Mileage Rate changed to 0.56 cents per mile (when state/Enterprise rental vehicle is NOT available).  (Prior to January 1, 2014 the mileage rate was .565).
  • Mileage Rate is 0.246 cents per mile (when state/Enterprise rental vehicle is available but employee elects to use personal vehicle for convenience).
 Please contact Andrea at ext. 4-7214 or if you have any questions.

You should contact the Office of Parking and Transportation to arrange for your transportation needs either with a state/Enterprise rental. You can use the Office of Fleet Management (OFMS) trip calculator to determine if using a rental vehicle is the better alternative.

This analysis will need to be attached to your Prior Approval to Travel if requesting reimbursement at the higher mileage rate.

For more information on state travel visit: State Travel Regulations (pdf)


Commonwealth of Virginia Enterprise Rental Rates

See Enterprise Rental Rates

* Enterprise rates honored only for business travels.

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Agency Owned Transportation

  • Eight (8) 12-Passenger Vans( no 15 passengers available)
    12 Passenger Van
  • One (1) Minivan                (max. occupancy (6) 


Sedans  (provided by Enterprise Rentals)


Official Use
Operators shall use state fleet vehicles and/or Enterprise rentals for official state business ONLY. Vehicles may only be used to drive to and from a specified activity with only necessary stops for meals, fuel, and rest. Shopping excursions, sightseeing, and other activities are not permitted unless they are pre-approved portions of the itinerary. Operators guilty of misuse are subject to disciplinary action and may lose their privilege to operate a state fleet vehicle and/or Enterprise rental. Vehicles are to be operated and maintain in a manner which avoids even the appearance of impropriety.

Concerning Students
  • Students may not drive vehicles unless they are employed by or students of the University are over the age of 20 and possess a valid driver’s license.
  • If it is a vehicle rented from Enterprise, the age requirement is 21.
  • Student travels must be authorized by a faculty member.
  • Each student driving must complete a Driver’s Screening Form (MS Word). The driver’s screening results will be taken under consideration to determine eligibility.
  • A Vehicle Requisition Form must be completed and submitted.
  • Vehicle requests will not be processed without the submission of the required forms. Forms must be completed in its entirety and submitted prior to travel date.  Incomplete forms will not be accepted.
  • Student organizations and / or all student travels wishing to use vehicles are required to have a faculty or staff member travel with them. Faculty or staff member, department, group and / or organization assume responsibility for student’s misuse of vehicle(s), and conditions of vehicle(s) during and post-travel.
  • Overnight travels will NOT be permitted without a faculty or staff member.
Driver’s License
  • Anyone driving a state fleet vehicle or Enterprise Rental must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Vehicle operators must show their license regardless each time, before vehicle use.
Enterprise Rentals
*For more information on Enterprise Rentals contact the University Transportation Officer at 594-8421.
  • Mainly most vehicle types are rented through Enterprise rentals at our negotiated rate.
  • Enterprise rentals are booked by the Office of Parking and Transportation.
  • Enterprise negotiated rates will be granted to CNU employees traveling on official business only, and when booked by the Office of Parking and Transportation.
  • For CNU employee personal travel discounted rate call Enterprise at 873-0333.
  • Enterprise rentals are picked-up and dropped off at the Office of Parking and Transportation.  Unless specified otherwise.
  • Enterprise 12 and 15 passengers vans are required to be requested at least (1) one week or months prior to trip date. Subject to availability.
  • Enterprise rentals are charged on a 24 hour basis, charges apply from the moment the vehicle is dropped-off at our location.
  • Employees traveling on official business while using Enterprise rentals are covered by the Commonwealth of Virginia insurance carrier.  Additional insurance is not necessary at vehicle checkout.
  • For travel returns on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays we strongly recommend rentals to be picked-up and dropped-off at the Enterprise location in J. Clyde Morris to avoid daily charge during the days the vehicle(s) is not being used or until the Transportation Office calls Enterprise of vehicle pick-up on normal business hours.
  • Personal vehicles will be allowed to remain parked at the Enterprise facility lot.
  • Rentals must be returned with a tank full of gas or at the same gas level it was checked out. Enterprise higher fueling rates and fees will be charged to the offending department or organization.
  • When picking up and dropping off a vehicle at the Enterprise location you will need to return the Enterprise Rental Agreement (pink form), gas card and gas receipts to the Office of Parking and Transportation.
  • Enterprise will charge $25 for late cancellations on delivered vehicles.
Gas Cards
  • A gas card will be provided for each state or rental vehicle.
  • Each vehicle is assigned a specific gas card.  It is imperative that the gas cards are not mixed or used with the improper vehicle.
  • Use only unleaded regular fuel in gasoline powered vehicles. Mid-grade or premium blend are only to be used when regular is not available.
  • Operators are expected to use self-service pumps at commercial stations.
  • Operators MUST enter correct odometer readings (excluding Enterprise rentals) at commercial fueling sites, no tenths.  Please make sure to enter accurately the odometer reading.
  • Loss of gas cards will result in cancellation and replacement charges placed against the account of the department or organization which used the vehicle. Gas card use should comply with CNU regulations. Misuse of credit cards will be considered as theft of state property.
  • A list of fueling locations and instructions on how to use the gas card will be provided upon vehicle check out.
Vehicle Cancellations 
  • Vehicle cancellations must be informed to the Transportation Office within 24 hours or prior to travel date. Failure to do so may result in 1st day rental charge per vehicle.
  • Enterprise will charge $25 for last minute cancellations after vehicle has been delivered to our location.
  • Operators are responsible for safe parking and security of CNU vehicles. Vehicles shall not be left on residential streets or highways unless it is necessary due to mechanical failure or emergency or if you have received approval from the University Transportation Officer, Enterprise or VMCC.
  • Operators are responsible to ensure payment of all parking fees and any parking fines assessed against the vehicle.
  • Operator, group, department, and/or organization shall be responsible for towing fees resulting from improper parking.
  • Vehicles may be parked in a commercial or Municipal parking facility provided operator, group, department, and/or organization pays parking fees.
  • Long term parking at airports is generally not permitted as this significantly reduces utilization.
Notification of an Accident
  • The driver involved in the accident MUST contact the VMCC (excluding Enterprise rentals). The VMCC will then make arrangements to contact a local state trooper.
  • All accidents involving an OFMS vehicle, regardless of the amount of damage, must be investigated by a State Police officer unless specified by VMCC otherwise. Arrangements for handling of investigations have been made with the Department of State Police and all troopers are familiar with the information desired.
  • Operators need to contact the Commonwealth’s insurance carrier Crawford and Company.
  • Driver MUST fill out the Automobile Loss Notice form and submit it to the University Transportation Officer.
  • In the event of an inoperable OFMS vehicle, the operator shall call VMCC to arrange for towing or on-site repairs, or for the transportation of the driver and any passengers to a safe location.
OFMS/Agency Owned Vehicle Accidents
*For completion of the form contact the University Transportation Officer in the Office of Parking and Transportation.  All     accidents in state or Enterprise rental MUST be informed to the University Transportation Officer.
  • The driver involved in the accident is required to complete MUST contact a State Police officer.
  • Regardless of the amount of damage, all accidents must be investigated by a State Police officer.
  • Operators need to contact the Commonwealth’s insurance carrier Crawford and Company and must contact Enterprise rentals.
  • In the case of the vehicle being inoperable or with extensive damage, Enterprise will make further rental arrangements.
  • Driver MUST fill out the Automobile Loss Notice (pdf) form and submit it to the Transformation Officer.
Completion of Accident Report
*You may also obtain the forms from the University Transportation Officer. The original completed Automobile Loss Notice forms MUST be delivered to the University Transportation Officer.
  • The driver is required to complete an Automobile Loss Notice (pdf) form on any crash regardless of the amount of property damage or personal injury within 10 days of the accident.
  • The forms are in an envelope labeled “Accident Forms Packet” located in the glove box of each state vehicle.
  • In the case of the state 12-passenger vans the envelope is located in compartment of the driver side door.
Driving / Moving Violations, Toll Charges, Fines and Fees
  • All violations, fines and fees, including parking citations, are the responsibility of the assigned group, department, or organization at the time of such violation.
  • Toll charges incurred during travel and unpaid toll charges and fees are the responsibility of the operator, group, department, and/or organization.
  • Each employee is required to report any moving violation that occurs to the Transportation Officer and their supervisor.
  • Abuse of motor vehicle laws by an operator may result in the loss of privilege to operate a fleet vehicle.
  • For information on how to obtain an E-Z Pass account visit:
  • Family members of state employees are permitted to ride in state vehicles or Enterprise rentals only when travel is directly related to official state business.
  • Even then state employees are encouraged to use personal vehicles. The Transportation Officer should be consulted regarding this matter.
Hitchhikers and Pets
  • Hitchhikers and pets are not allowed to ride in any state vehicle.
Smoking, Drinking and Eating Trash and Personal Property
  • Trash and personal belongings are to be removed from vehicle(s) upon vehicle drop- off.
  • Items found in the vehicle will be kept in the Office of Parking and Transportation Office until claimed by owner.
  • Unclaimed items will be sent to Campus Police at the end of the school semester. Parking and Transportation is not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  • Smoking and the use of other tobacco products are prohibited in vehicles.
  • Eating or drinking is prohibited while driving.
Alcoholic Beverages and Drugs
  • Under no circumstances may a state employee or student operate a vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating beverages, drugs or other substances. Conviction of such offenses will result in disciplinary action and will result in the loss of the privilege of a state vehicle. No state vehicle may be used to transport alcoholic beverages unless it is operated by law enforcement personnel in the performance of their official duties.
  • Possession of, or the use of, alcohol in vehicles is prohibited. Refer to the Department of Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual on Alcohol and Drug use in the work place.
Cellular Phones or Handheld Devices
  • Cell phones, blackberries, smart-phones, or other electrical devices must be operated via hands-free device.
  • Any other use such as text messaging or emailing is prohibited while the vehicle is in drive and/or in motion.
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