Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

The bachelor of science degree in computer engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET).

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

The bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering is the latest addition to the program variety offered by the PCSE department. Started in Fall 2014, we expect our first graduates for 2016.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Foundations

This program is designed to prepare students in the foundations of computer hardware and software. Students in this program can choose to major in applied physics, computer science or information systems.

Major in Applied Physics

Major in Computer Science

Major in Information Systems

Bachelor of Science in Information Science

The bachelor of science in information science (BSIS) degree consists of courses chosen from the fields of business, computer science, economics, mathematics and psychology. Special emphasis is placed on systems analysis and design.

The Minor in Applied Physics (26 credits)

A minor in applied physics requires satisfactory completion of PHYS 201, 202-303, 351 and at least 12 additional credits in physics or engineering courses at the 300 level or higher. Persons who are majoring in biology, computer engineering, computer science and mathematics are especially suited for such a minor program.

The Minor in Computer Science (23 credits)

The minor in computer science requires a minimum of 23 credits in computer science, including CPSC 125, 150/150L- 250/250L, 270 and nine additional credits in computer science at the upper (300-400) level. Note that classes taken to fulfill any major requirements may not be applied toward these nine additional credits. The following courses are suggested for a minor concentration in specific application areas: (1) business application: CPSC 335, 350, 440; (2) natural science applications: CPEN 214, CPEN 315/315L or CPSC 330, 420; (3) mathematics application: CPSC 350, 420, 470. Computer engineering majors desiring a minor in computer science must select from options 1 or 3.

The Minor in Information Science (23 credits)

The minor in information science requires CPSC 125, 215, 150/150L, 250/250L, 335, 350 and 351.