The major in computer science is designed to prepare a student for a computer-oriented career, such as scientific applications or systems programming, or for graduate work in computer science. The core courses provide a background in computer engineering, computer science, mathematics, and physics. The major and support courses continue building this background. Advanced courses in the program provide additional study in data structures, programming languages, computer organization, operating systems, and algorithms, with additional electives to extend the student’s knowledge in an area of his/her choice.

Degree studies requirements are those of the Bachelor of Science degree. In addition to requiring the successful completion of the liberal learning curriculum, the Computer Science major requires the successful completion, a grade of C- or better, of all courses in the major.

  • CPEN 371W;
  • CPSC 125, 150/150L-250/250L;
  • MATH 140;
  • PHYS 151/151L-152/152L or PHYS 201/201L-202/202L
  • PHYS 340 or MATH 235 or 260;
  • MATH 240;
  • ENGR 213;
  • CPEN 214;
  • PHYS 341.
  • CPSC 270, 360, 410, 420;
  • CPSC 330 or CPEN 414;
  • Select three: CPSC 425, 427, 428, 440, 450, 460, 470, 471, 480, 485, 495, and any 500 level course with advisor’s permission; MATH 380; PHYS 421, 441; with courses numbered 495 and above used no more than twice.
  • CPSC 498 (3 credit Capstone course)

Select the plan, which corresponds to your first year at CNU: