NASA CONNECT Clips Video Podcast: iTunes Interface Tips

annotated iTunes Interface

Below is a list of ways to access different levels of information (follow the blue numbers by the yellow shaded areas on the image above). 
  1. To be sure you are looking at podcasts, click the Podcasts button on the left of the interface. You will automatically be in this view after clicking a link on the previous page.
  2. To list the clips in each vodcast, click the right-facing arrow at the left of the main title for the collection of clips in the Podcast column of your Podcasts Library. This will display all the clips by title. The arrow has been clicked in the view above.
  3. To get a more detailed description for any clip or the whole collection of clips, click on the information button at the far right of the description column for the clip of interest.
  4. If you want this clip, click the GET button at the right in the Podcast column.
  5. You can use the search tool in the upper right to find any clip that contains your word(s) in the description, title or key words list.
  6. To keep the vodcast current, right click on the main title for the clip collection and selectUpdate Podcast.