The NASA CONNECT Human-Mars Challenge

For the Human-Mars Challenge, students will have to use multiple intelligences to successfully complete the challenge. Working in groups, students will have to communicate an effective message using artwork (video, picture, drawing, sculpture, painting etc.) and/or music as the medium. The message is to clearly explain the long-term effects on the human body (muscles and bones) as astronauts travel to and from Mars. In space, muscles, which normally get a daily work out pulling against gravity, become deconditioned. Studies on muscle and bone in astronauts have provided interesting insight into the effects of space microgravity conditions on human physiology. Scientists have observed that astronauts lose bone mass at a rate of about 1% per month during flight.

The following video segments were recorded from the video conference on March 7, 2007 with students from the National Sports School in Canada, Candace Saar representing Project Galileo, Luchino Cohen representing the Canadian Space Agency, Chris Giersch representing NASA and Randy Caton representing CISE. We wish to thank Michelle Chan, Dave Shurtleff and Dave Wood for their excellent technical assistance with the video conference. You need QuickTime installed as a plugin to view these video segments.

  • Introduction (10.6 MB)
  • Presentations from Students in Grade 9 (20.8 MB)
  • Discussion of Presentations from Students in Grade 9 (41.8 MB)
  • Presentation from Students in Grade 11 (9.8 MB)
  • Discussion of Presentations from Students in Grade 11 and Student Questions Part 1 (31.1 MB)
  • Student Questions Part 2 (30.7 MB)
  • Student Questions Part 3 (28.2 MB)