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David Knight

William Knight


Forbes Hall 2004
(757) 594-7080


  • Ph D in Neuroscience, Florida State University
  • MS in Nutrition Science, Florida State University
  • BS in Biological Science, Christopher Newport University


Human Anatomy and Physiology
Animal Physiology
General Biology
Human Nutrition & Metabolism
Exercise Physiology


Energy Homeostasis
Cardiovascular Function
Autonomic Nervous System
Neurodegenerative disease


I am a Tidewater native and CNU alumnus. I came home for family and friends and love my personal and professional life here. I will always strive to align my personal goals with the goals of the university and help make CNU a better place.

  • Other
    (2017 ). Exploring Histology: An Introductory, Independent Assignment to Boost Student Confidence in Microscopic Examination and Evaluation of Tissues. APS LifeSciTRC.
  • Other
    (2015 ). Hemoglobin, Oxygen, and Metabolism. APS LifeSciTRC.
  • Other
    (2015 ). Membrane Potential Demo Sheet. APS LifeSciTRC.
  • Other
    (2015 ). Quantification of Membrane Potential. APS LifeSciTRC.
  • Samuel Lilly, William Knight, Katie Wiens, Virginia Academy of Science Annual Meeting, "Copper-induced antioxidant gene expression in developing zebrafish embryos," Farmville, VA. (2018)
  • Joseph Picone, William Knight, Jake Boles, Matthew Campolattaro, Olga Lipatova, Virginia Academy of Science Annual Meeting, "Stress-induced modulation of brain dopamine and serotonin receptor expression in male and female rats.," Farmville, VA. (2018)
  • Samuel Lilly, Connor Noel, Katie Wiens, William Knight, Society for Neuroscience, "Expression of antioxidant genes during zebrafish embryonic development is influenced by copper (II) sulfate exposure," Washington D.C.. (2017)
  • Delaney Rousseau, Samuel Lilly, Benjamin Miller, William Knight, Katie Wiens, Society for Neuroscience, "Gene expression of Amyloid Precursor Protein during zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryonic development: dose-response effects of c," Washington D.C.. (2017)
  • Joseph Picone, William Knight, Jake Boles, Olga Lipatova, Society for Neuroscience, "Quantitative analysis of DA and 5-HT receptor mRNA expression within dorsal striatum and hippocampus of female and male rats," Washington D.C.. (2017)
  • William Knight, Benjamin Miller, Katie Wiens, VAS Annual Meeting, "Zebrafish Model to Test the Effect of Copper on Amyloid Precursor Protein," Newport News, VA. (2017)
  • William Knight, Olga Lipatova, "Gene Expression of Serotonin and Dopamine Receptors in the Emotional and Memory-forming Centers of Stressed Male and Female R," Sponsored by Christopher Newport University
  • William Knight, Katie Wiens, "Copper-Induced Neurodegeneration in a Zebrafish Model of Alzheimer’s Disease," Sponsored by CNU

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