Ming Zhang

Department of Physics, Computer Science and Engineering

Ming Zhang


Luter Hall 346
(757) 594-7563


  • Ph D in Computer Vision, East China Normal University
  • MS in Information Systems, East China Normal University
  • BS in Computer Engineering, East China Normal University


CPSC110 Introduction to Computing
CPSC215 Software Packages for Business Applications
CPSC250/250L Computers & Programming II/Lab
CPSC410 Operating Systems I
CPSC450 Operating Systems II
CPSC550 Distributed Systems
CPSC420 Algorithms
CPSC642 Artificial Intelligence II


Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Neural Networks
Artificial Higher Order Neural Networks
Face Recognition
Image Processing
Data Simulation and Modeling


Ming Zhang received Ph.D. from East China Normal University in 1989. He held Senior Research Associate Fellowship with the USA National Research Council in 1999. He is currently a Professor.

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