Alumni Success

News from 2014

  • AJ Bennett won the Theta Alpha Kappa Undergraduate Achievement Award. He plans to attend Meadville-Lombard Seminary, Starr-King Seminary or Harvard Divinity School.
  • David Blanton won First Place for the Provost's Award for Excellence in Student Writing
  • Benjamin Coffman won a Cupola Award for excellence in student research and writing.
  • Benjamin Coffman will be matriculating at the University of Virginia School of Law in fall 2014.
  • Gretchen Jewell graduated as valedictorian of the Class of 2014.
  • Gretchen Jewell will be matriculating at the University of Virginia School of Law in fall 2014.
  • Emily Thomas will be attending the University of Virginia Graduate School in fall 2014 to study Japanese religions.
  • Justin Pritchett will be attending a PhD Program at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.
  • Luke Jeffrey will be working as a real estate agent at Long & Foster.
  • Angela Haggard will be working as an intern at the Mariner's Museum.
  • Sidney McCoy will be attending the UCSD Summer Program for Women in Philosophy.
  • Marissa Welch will be attending University of Notre Dame for her Masters of Arts in Theology.

News from 2013

  • Shelton Nalley was accepted to Harvard Divinity School.
  • Jennifer Asselin was accepted to the PhD Program in Philosophy at The Ohio State University; she also received a fellowship. She will be giving a paper at a professional conference given by The Center for Cognition and Neuroethics. Her paper is entitled, "Reconciling the Degree-Based Binary Freedoms of Reid and Kant."
  • Kevin Crowley is pursuing his Master’s degree in Cognitive Semiotics at Aarhus University in Denmark
  • Mike Bliley will be matriculating at George Mason University School of Law. He will be pursuing a Juris Doctorate with a Master’s in Public Policy.
  • Ashley Fehr was accepted into the Master's Degree Program in Psychology at Old Dominion University.
  • Evan Shively was accepted to two graduate schools: University of Denver (program on international human rights), and George Mason University (political science program).
  • Jacqueline Thornley is working in a full-time position as an administrative support technician for the non-profit agency, Peninsula Worklink, in the workforce development industry.
  • Steven Watts accepted a position at Ferguson Enterprises in the strategic enterprises group.
  • Greg Basch accepted an apprentice pastoral position at Elevation Church.
  • Kyle Cummings accepted a position with Young Life, and the scholarship from his senior seminar paper is being used by Young Life to improve their outdoor ministries.
  • Ben Roseberry accepted a ministry position with CRU (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ), and will be working in East Asia on a college campus next year.
  • Patricia Vorwald has been accepted into the CNU MAT program. She is a substitute teacher in Newport News.
  • Tara Thompson accepted a job as a preschool teacher at The Peninsula Academy.
  • Devin McGinnis is going to Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.
  • Amanda Markham is the youth and young adult coordinator at Hidenwood Presbyterian Church. She has also begun her coursework at Union Presbyterian Seminary.

News from 2012

  • Bret Marfut was accepted into the Juris Doctorate program at the Washington & Lee University School of Law.
  • Sean Meslar was accepted into the PhD program in Philosophy at the University of Georgia.
  • Mary Kate Curry was accepted into the Masters of Arts, Religious Studies program at Boston College (also accepted at Harvard Divinity School).
  • Katrina Thralls was accepted into the Masters of Divinity and the Masters of Arts and Leadership program at Meadeville Lombard Theological School. 
  • Nathan Blake was accepted to Virginia Polytechnic Institute, Master of Fine Arts program
  • Travis Lilley graduated from the University of Richmond with a Masters in Liberal Arts.
  • Bennie Wall was accepted to the University of Richmond School of Law in the Juris Doctorate program.
  • Jeremy Hanesis completing his Masters in Religion at Harvard University. He has just been accepted for doctoral work in religion at the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a full scholarship and yearly stipend (the prestigious UC system's "Regents Scholarship").