Associate Professor
Department Chair

Dr. Kip Redick

  • PhD, Regent University
  • MA, Regent University
  • BA, Christopher Newport University

Office: McMurran 105A
Phone: (757) 594-7801

Areas of Specialization:
spiritual/sacred journey and pilgrimage studies, philosophy of space/place, media studies/film, rhetoric, environmental studies, religious communication and aesthetics

Book Publications:

  • American Camino: Walking as Spiritual Practice on the Appalachian Trail.  (Forthcoming).

Articles, Reviews, and Book Chapters:

  • "Feet Forbidden Here." Environment, Space, Place Fall 2009: 7-26.    
  • “Introduction.” Explorations in Media Ecology 2009: 243-248.    
  • “Wilderness as Axis Mundi: Spiritual Journeys on the Appalachian Trail.” Symbolic Landscapes. Springer, 2009.    
  • “Wilderness and Communitas: Pilgrims on the Appalachian Trail.” Visual Impact. Hampton Press, 2009.    
  • “Wilderness, Arcadia and Longing: Mythic Landscapes and the Experience of Reality.” C. S. Lewis: Views from Wake Forest. Wayne: Zossima Press, 2008.      
  • Underwood, Lori. “Rationality and Narrative: a Relationship of Priority.” Philosophy and Rhetoric 2007: 394-405.     
  • Borchert, Mark. “Experiencing Others: Martin Buber and Neil LaBute’s In the Company of Men.” Neil LaBute: a Casebook. Ed. Gerald C. Wood. New York: Routledge, 2006.    
  • “Wilderness Trails, Spirituality, and Education.” Spirituality, Ethnography, and Teaching: Stories from Within. Ed. Will Ashton and Diana Denton. New York: Peter Lang, 2006.      
  • “Theme Parks as Sacred Places and Commercial Sanctuaries.” Rochester, NY. 10-13 June 2004. MEA Conference Proceedings, 2004.     
  • “Dream Time.” Published in the section titled “Dramaturgical Notes,” in Theater CNU Presents Our Country’s Good, 2003-2004 season.      
  • “Does the Medium Matter? A Comparison of Traditional and Virtual Classrooms.” National Forum of Educational Administration and Supervision Journal 2002-2003.    
  • “The Utilitarian Core Hypothesis: Cases for Testing the Stability of Languages in the Wake of Conquest.” Psychological Reports 2000: 559-578.      
  • “A Universal October.” Currents 2000.

Listen to Dr. Redick's interview on NPR's "With Good Reason" about the walking journey he takes with students along the Appalachian Trail each summer.  He believes the experience leaves them with a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

    View this video
    Dr. Redick's interview on the Appalachian Trail
    Fast forward four minutes into this clip to hear an interview with Dr. Redick on the Appalachian Trail.