Medical School Early Acceptance Agreement

A Program for Pre-Medical Students Attending Christopher Newport University

Christopher Newport University (CNU) and Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS) have formed a premed student acceptance agreement in which selected premed students may receive early assurance of a position into medical school at EVMS upon satisfactory completion of their undergraduate degree program of study and on the continued achievement of the student.

Academic Criteria for Eligibility to Apply to the Program

  • College Sophomore in good standing at CNU
  • Scholastic Aptitude Test  ≥ 1250 (Math & Critical Reading) or ACT ≥ 28
  • An overall and science GPA from CNU of 3.4 at the time of application
  • Satisfactory performance in general chemistry (CHEM 121/L-122/L) and in the first semester of organic chemistry (CHEM 321/L)

Note-applicants are expected to be in the Pre-med Scholars Program (PSP).

Qualified students who apply will be interviewed by the CHPP, which will then submit nominees to EVMS, which then selects students for their own interviews, upon which the decision for offering early acceptance is made. The successful applicant will also demonstrate an active interest in medicine and participate in extracurricular activities.

Students selected for the Joint Program are not required to take the MCAT for admission to EVMS.  However, those students wishing to apply to other medical schools must fulfill published AMCAS requirements, which include satisfactory performance on the MCAT. 

To apply to the program:

Submit a completed application to the Director of Pre-health Programs, Dr. Gwynne Brown,  Forbes 3033.

To begin the process, complete the EVMS-CNU Joint Program Application (PDF version)/(Word Fillable Form-complete and save fillable form onto your computer before printing).

Application Deadline:

No later than 4:00 p.m. Friday of the First Full Week of each Spring Semester

Note that the application should include a recent photograph of the applicant.  [applicants selected by CHPP to be submitted to EVMS will need to provide a $50 application fee before the application is submitted to EVMS; check should be made payable to "Eastern Virginia Medical School"]

The guarantee of a position at EVMS is contingent upon continued eligibility in the Joint Program.

Program students must:

  • Maintain an overall and science GPA of not less than 3.35
  • Receive satisfactory annual reviews from the Council for Health Professions Preparation (CHPP) at Christopher Newport University based on the following:
    • regular attendance to relevant seminars and presentations (including off-campus)
    • establish a relationship with a physician mentor; participate in clinical and other medically-related experiences [at least 25 hours/year of  shadowing and other clinical experiences is recommended]
    • participation in a summer medical/research program
    • meet at least once per semester with the DPP regarding progress towards meeting the above requirements and preparation for entry to medical school.

Program students are required to take the following courses:

  • BIOL 211/211L & BIOL 213/213L for Biology majors entering Fall 2010 and later, or all non-BIOL majors (non-BIOL majors will need special permission to enroll in these courses; Procedure for non-BIOL majors to register for BIOL courses);
  • CHEM 121/L-122/L; CHEM 321/L-322/L
  • PHYS 151/L-152/L or PHYS 201/L-202/L
  • The CHPP may designate other appropriate courses.

All requirements for an undergraduate degree must be met before matriculation at EVMS.   Rarely, exceptional students with AP credits may be eligible to complete their undergraduate degree programs in three years and may be considered for entry into EVMS one year early.

A Program Student will apply to EVMS by completing his AMCAS application online as a "Special Program Applicant."  In addition, EVMS requires completion of a secondary application, but waives the secondary fees for Program Students.

These students are currently part of the CNU-EVMS BS-MD Joint Program:

Class of 2015

         Morgan Botkin

         Melissa Peters

         Lindsey Purcell

Class of 2014

         John Wallace

         Alex White

         Kelly Willett

Recent Graduates: Class of 2013

         Christiana Booher

         Jessica Johnson

         Kelsey Johnson

         Lauren Barr

Previous Students Currently Enrolled at EVMS:

         Jennifer Gerstenfeld, class of 2012

         Nathan Davidson, class of 2012

         Sarah Patton,  class of 2012

         Zachary Einarsson, class of 2009