CNU's Pre-Med Scholars Program (PSP) provides select students with an enriched undergraduate experience that equips them to become strong candidates for the medical school, dental school, or veterinary school of their choice; the program includes:

  • intensive advising and mentoring,
  • informative seminars and workshops, and
  • structured clinical and service-learning experiences.

The PSP is administered by the Director of Pre-Health Programs (DPP) under the guidance of the Council for Health Professions Preparation.

Riverside Medical Group (RMG) Scholars (for Pre-med students in Pre-med Scholars)

  • Each year, two admitted freshmen are selected from an invited application process to receive a $2,500 scholarship. Eligible students will be notified by the Office of Admission. The scholarship amount will increase to $5,000 for the student's sophomore year if he/she earns a 3.7 cumulative GPA freshman year. One current sophomore is also selected following his/her spring semester at CNU, from students in the Pre-med Scholars Program (PSP) to receive a $5,000/year scholarship. These students must then maintain a 3.5 GPA and good standing in the PSP to retain their scholarships for their junior and senior years.
  • In addition to full participation in the PSP, Riverside Medical Group Scholars will be mentored by Riverside Health System physicians, have access to clinical experiences and selected medical education activities within the Riverside system, and will be offered a paid internship with Riverside Health Systems for one summer, usually between sophomore and junior year.

Rocovich Scholars

  • Rocovich Scholars are selected from incoming freshman involved in the President's Leadership Program who have an interest in medicine and meet one of the following criteria: a) a permanent resident of a rural or medically underserved area in Virginia or the surrounding Appalachian Region; b) from a low socioeconomic status (SES) background; or c) an underrepresented minority.
  • Rocovich Scholars are eligible to apply early provisional admission to VCOM the spring of their sophomore year.
  • Eligibility for the BS-MD Joint Program (early acceptance to Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS)) and BS-DO Joint Program (early acceptance to Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM))
  • Eligibility for pre-med scholarships* (see "Program Requirements" tab above)
  • Focused, individualized advising and mentoring
  • Clinical internships & service learning opportunities
  • Any entering freshman with SAT (math & crit. read.) >= 1250 OR an ACT >= 28 and interested in career in medicine (Only these students are eligible for the BS-MD Joint Program with EVMS and the BS-DO Program with VCOM), dentistry or veterinary medicine
  • Any entering freshman identified as a Rocovich Scholar (SAT (math & crit. read.) >= 1100 OR an ACT >= 26 and interested in career in medicine (These students are also eligible for the BS-DO Program with VCOM)
  • CNU students with between 30 - 60 cr hrs (must have completed CHEM 121/121L & 122/122L), an overall and science GPA of at least 3.5, with interest in applying to medical, dental or veterinary school; must complete CHEM 321/321L by third semester

In addition to completing pre-med course recommendations, PSP students will satisfactorily complete the series of "Activities" requirements each semester, enrolling for the PMED 010, 020, 030, and 040 courses (0-0-1), which include:

  • Seminar sessions with the DPP & guest speakers
  • Clinical experience hours
  • Service learning requirement

Students must also maintain a minimum overall and science GPA of 3.40

Incoming Freshman: There is no separate application process for Pre-med Scholars.  Admission to the Program is done after a student has been accepted to Christopher Newport University and has decided to matriculate.  As long as the student meets the SAT or ACT criteria* of the program, he or she will automatically be admitted to Pre-med Scholars by the registrar if he/she indicated his/her interest in medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine when filling out the academic interest forms for class registration.

*Special note to incoming freshmen: your SAT scores (math & crit. read.) must be equal to or greater than 1250 (ACT score must be equal to or greater than 28).  The only exception to this are those students accepted to the President's Leadership Program as Rocovich Scholars ((SAT (math & crit. read.) >= 1100 OR an ACT >= 26)).

Upper Classmen: Make and appointment to see the Director of Pre-health Programs by e-mailing Dr. Brown at  You must have a 3.5 GPA and be making significant progress in the pre-requisite work to be accepted into the program (see Eligibility section).