Rocovich Scholarship

Christopher Newport University (CNU) and Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM) have formed a pre-med student scholarship agreement in which selected pre-med students may receive a Rocovich Scholarship as an incoming freshman. The Rocovich Scholars Program is for students from rural areas of Virginia, the surrounding Appalachian region or traditionally under-represented populations. Rocovich Scholars will participate in the President's Leadership Program and in the Pre-med Scholars Program. Rocovich Scholars may apply for a provisional early admission to VCOM.


Academic Criteria for Eligibility to Become a Rocovich Scholar

  • Scholastic Aptitude Test  ≥ 1100 (Math & Critical Reading)
  • High School GPA of 3.5 or greater

Academic Criteria for Eligibility of Rocovich Scholars to Apply for Provisional Early Acceptance to VCOM

  • College sophomore
  • Rocovich scholar in good standing
  • An overall and science GPA from CNU of 3.4 or greater at time of application
  • Satisfactory performance in general chemistry (CHEM 121/L-122/L) and in the first semester of organic chemistry (CHEM 321/L)

Rocovich scholars will participate in the President's Leadership Program (PLP) and will therefore apply through PLP.

Note-applicants are expected to be in the Pre-med Scholars Program (PSP).

To apply for the scholarship:

Submit a completed application to CNU by the Admission deadlines.

Indicate your intent to pursue pre-med/health on the supplement application.

Apply to participate in the President's Leadership Program (PLP).

  • Check PLP box on CNU supplement of the common application.

The guarantee of a Rocovich scholarship at CNU is contingent upon continued eligibility in the Pre-med Scholars and in the President's Leadership Program

Program students must:

  • Maintain an overall and science GPA of not less than 3.40
  • Maintain progress towards completion of all medical school prerequisites
  • Receive satisfactory annual reviews from the Council for Health Professions Preparation (CHPP) or DPP at Christopher Newport University based on the following:
    • regular attendance to relevant seminars and presentations (including off-campus)
    • participate in clinical and other medically-related experiences [at least 25 hours/year of  shadowing and other clinical experiences is recommended]
    • participation in community service (120 hours)
    • meet at least once per semester with the DPP regarding progress towards meeting the above requirements and preparation for entry to medical school.

Program students are required to take the following courses:

  • BIOL 211/211L & BIOL 213/213L (non-BIOL majors will need special permission to enroll in these courses; Procedure for non-BIOL majors to register for BIOL courses); BIOL 414      
  • CHEM 121/L-122/L; CHEM 321/L-322/L
  • PHYS 151/L-152/L or PHYS 201/L-202/L
  • The CHPP may designate other appropriate courses.

Provisional early acceptance to VCOM

In addition to the stipulations above, all requirements for an undergraduate degree and all VCOM prerequisites must be met before matriculation at VCOM.